Creating Compassionate Cities

Research shows that practicing compassion leads to many benefits for the individual and ultimately for our cities- physically, mentally, spiritually, and socially. More and more city leaders from across the US, Canada, and the globe are adopting compassion as a focus for city wide action to transforms cities and transform the world.

dalai lamaThe International Campaign for Compassionate Cities is a global campaign inspired by the Golden Rule (treat all others as you wish to be treated yourself) to raise awareness of the benefits of compassionate action. Its purpose is to encourage city leadership from around the world to create and bring together efforts towards increasing compassion through local initiatives, policy, and projects. 

We share stories, research and tools from around the world that reflect the benefit of compassion for the health of cities worldwide. We also support governments and citizens in planning and realizing initiatives that foster compassionate action. Our current focus areas are compassionate action in city-wide innovation, social entrepreneurship, sustainability, community & civic engagement and governance.