Caring and Courageous Kids

Caring and Courageous Kids


The purpose and mission of Caring and Courageous Kids is to educate the hearts and minds of young children through adults to inspire a culture of compassionate thinkers who have the courage to break the cycle of bullying and abuse with choices which will contribute to a more compassionate and peaceful world beginning in our homes, schools, and communities.

CCKids strives to help people of all ages discover the power within each one of us to stand up and say something or do something to help break the cycle of bullying and aggression… one caring and courageous choice at a time. And may it inspire adults to recognize their responsibility in helping children, as well as one another, to feel safe, emotionally and physically, feel respected, and feel cared for.

“Only when we know our own darkness well can we be present with the darkness of others. Compassion becomes real when we recognize our shared humanity.” (Pema Chodron) Caring and Courageous Kids sprouted from the seeds of compassion. CCKids hopes to be a source of light and inspiration for others to help children create a life filled with opportunities to let their inner heart shine brighter than the darkness that can penetrate. “Be smart, use your heart” is a lesson from the character “BF” in the movie Which Team Will You Choose? It refers to educating children using social-emotional intelligence by connecting the heart to the brain when making choices in everything we say or do. We can ask ourselves “Is what I am about to do or say going to fill a heart with good feelings, or will it hurt someone?” In the movie it also refers to considering whether the choice will help the problem of bullying to go away, or will the choice only make the problem bigger. This concept is further explained in our guidebook One Caring and Courageous Choice at a Time.

Location: El Dorado Hill, CA, USA


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