Jaipur Rugs Foundation

Jaipur Rugs Foundation

Jaipur Rugs Foundation came into existence in the year 2004 when it got registered under the Rajasthan Public Trust Act, 1959. It forms an integral part of the Jaipur Rugs group that is known for its unique socio-economic business model. Apart from getting featured in ‘The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid’, Jaipur Rugs has received a number of awards and its model is constantly talked, researched and written about by a diverse set of stakeholders from the government, industry, media and academia.

The overall work mandate of JRF is to reach out to remote rural areas and establish bonds with the village communities, enabling them to start weaving not just rugs but also their own lives. Such weaving of lives is done Via two intertwined vertical: ‘entrepreneurship development’ and ‘social development’. Whereas the entrepreneurship development vertical focuses on the economic well-being of the artisans and their communities through skill development and livelihood support, the social development vertical focuses on their social well-being through interventions, awareness generation and linkages. These two complement each other and facilitate the artisans to advance in their development trajectories.


The mission of JRF is to create a society where equality, justice and peace prevail through socio-economic development opportunities for all.


The mission of JRF is to serve as a social innovator promoting the cause of artisans by providing them with decent work opportunities and thus leading them towards their socio-economic well-being.

Entrepreneurship Development

Entrepreneurship Development is the original field of action of Jaipur Rugs Foundation. Our primary target is to bring marketable skills at the grassroots, and to make people behave as owner of their work.

To achieve this target, JRF undertakes several activities:

  • Skill Development Training: Reaching out to poor communities in rural areas, the training enables the transformation of unemployed people to skilled artisans, ready to integrate the production chain of Jaipur Rugs Company.
  • Skill Upgradation Training: With the years, our artisans become capable to realize more complex designs and rugs of better quality. It is then our duty to give them higher skills to improve their work;
  • Grassroots Entrepreneurship: Recently, JRF has extended its activities under the Entrepreneurship Development Support, by adding a Weaver’s Engagement program, aiming at developing owner’s mindset at the grassroots. With this training, our artisans get a full understanding of the production process and awareness about customers’ requirements.

These actions are the first step in our wish to empower grassroots communities, as they result in sustainable livelihoods, a crucial condition to engage people on the development path.

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