Mahkato Organization is Calling All Nations,
To Restore Bonds of Trust and Good Will,
For The Reconciliation of All People.

The Dakota people and their allies in Mankato have invested a great deal in this movement of reconciliation, working together for over half a century. Monuments and ceremonies have been offered, with the hopes and prayers of a whole generation, for the healing that we all need. The Creator has been listening and is giving us this opportunity, to raise a voice that will be heard around the world, like that shot at Lexington in the first revolution.

What is most obvious is that some very big changes are now immanent, and are actually already in progress. What is less obvious is how much choice and influence we have to guide the outcome, each of us and all of us. It is also less obvious how much is at stake, and how tenuous is our claim to this earth home. All of humanity is a very big and sudden change in the life of this planet, but we are still just at the point where we can make the biggest choices, about what this humanity is and will be. It is surprising that this is not more obvious, and that it is not more obvious how many things are brought together for us right now to use for our own good and best hope. We will wonder why we didn't see it sooner, and we will be glad we saw it in time.

Soon compassion, empathy, sharing, and community will universally pervade our sense of self and honor, along with perfect freedom and creative individuality. Soon that will be simply known as our normal common sense sanity. Like puppies first opening their eyes in wonder, or the buds of spring opening to the brilliance of the sun, we will open our hearts and minds unhindered to the awesome beauty of creation, and breath joy as readily as air, and give of ourselves in gratitude what we are made of, like the fragrance of those flowers opening in the spring. This is our spring of springs. Feel it. Know it. We will grow out of the rest. Exceptions will just be exceptions with special needs. We will know them, care for them, maybe heal them, but they will have no power over us by fear, and we will not destroy ourselves because of them with hate.

We will have little time or desire to pursue things we don't want or need. But we will be so rich and empowered to express and celebrate anything we remember or imagine and love most. Children, those sacred beings, knowing this within themselves to begin with, protected and raised without loosing their sanity, will still be our best teachers. We will be free to build on our best traditions, and still be free to make as well as learn from our mistakes.

Culture, tradition, language, diversity, individual rights and preferences, will be honored and protected, preserving both our collective and personal wealth of humanity. This is not merely naive optimism. It is as clear as can be the best choice we are offered, our best intention, and our only sanity, but we have to choose to receive this grace. It will be nothing short of a global revolution of non-violence, with a mere few political resolutions and the voice of our common conscience.

Location: Mankato, Minnesota, USA

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