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Mind with Heart


Mind with Heart is an international charity, based in the UK, dedicated to equipping young people with the social and emotional skills necessary to their well-being and to building a more sustainable society.

Mind with Heart is a Partner of the Charter

Mind with Heart offers:

  • a complete social and emotional learning curriculum for KS3, KS4 and Sixth Form
  • a whole-school approach to cultivating mindfulness and empathy
  • trainings and events for all education professionals, including teachers, youth workers, lecturers and policy-makers
  • packs and videos to support youth and student events on the role of empathy and compassion in society

The Mind with Heart curriculum and trainings offers research-based tools, designed and delivered by trainers with over ten years experience in practising these tools and presenting them in an education context. The curriculum is also adaptable to KS2.

Mind with Heart is currently active mainly in the UK, France, Ireland and Australia.

Why an education in empathy and compassion?

Scientific research in neuroscience shows that our human brain can change as a result of one’s experience, and that sustained training can develop new emotional and social skills. Scientific evidence now also shows that we can train in empathy, altruism and compassion to reduce stress, promote emotional balance and increase well-being.


Mind with Heart resources are designed for secondary schools.

The Mind with Heart curriculum consists of three modules:

  • mindfulness & awareness
  • empathy & compassion
  • universal responsibility & sustainability

Each module is delivered over 8 sessions of 2 hours each, or 16 sessions of 1 hour. Each module is complete in itself, covering the key points of the other two modules.

The Mindfulness and Awareness Module enables students to:

  • investigate well-being and success and get to know their own mind
  • develop an awareness of their body, thoughts and emotions, and those of others.

The Empathy and Compassion Module enables students to:

  • investigate the human capacity for empathy and compassion
  • learn how to cultivate a constructive mindset of self-care, care for others and altruistic action.

The Universal Responsibility and Sustainability Module enables students to:

  • investigate the meaning of human progress, well-being and interdependencecultivate the skills to listen, communicate, evaluate and act for effective change with care and discernment.

Join the network of educators
The network also includes over 30 members in Europe and Australia. Professional educators internationally are invited to join us.

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Location: London, UK

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