The experienced coaches, trainers and consultants of Power2Improve help organizations and (future) managers to create sustainable, highly impactful improvements.

The internationally oriented company, based in The Netherlands, specializes in advising, coaching and training programs. This on acquiring and developing effective knowledge, competencies and behaviour in leadership, communication and brain skills. #P2I combines the expertise of selected partners: self-employed experts, consultants, project managers and trainers.


To guarantee quality, Power2Improve is cooperating with selected partners: experienced independent consultants, project managers, coaches and trainers.

How we work

Experiential Learning

Trying, discovering and concluding yourself form the basis of our trainings and workshops. Experiential Learning is what this practical, very nice and eye-opening didactic method is called. The curriculum we offer can be applied in practice immediately.


The transfer to your own daily practice is so important that our trainings are always reinforced with coaching, peer groups or a combination thereof. Where possible, peer groups are preferred. Because this you can practice indeed on your own. Possibly after we have learned you how. Of course coaching is also a good way to further reflect on your own practice.


The participant is central. Therefore, before the course starts every participant gets an intake of up to one hour. The resulting information is used during training, coaching and peer groups.

Group size

The default group size is minimum 4 and maximum 12 participants. This all participants to give guidance they need.

Personalized Training and Practical Coaching

Each person has different goals. That's why we customize our programs to your specific wishes and needs, with pleasure. Ideally, we combine training with coaching, so you can directly learn from experience, in practice.

Your case is your success

Continually we concentrate on your specific case study, and how you will make that into a success. Therefore, we focus on what you want to learn, understand and can do. On this basis, we propose a personalized package of training and coaching, that will be of great help to you, in your specific situation.

Learning from and with each other

Parallel to your individual learning path is that of others. Learning is more fun when you do it together. And, imagine how much knowledge and insights a group can combine. Therefore, we organize regular meetings on topics that are a struggle for many participants. There is also a virtual platform, on wich you can inspire eachother even more.


Do you want to practice experiential learning together with a group of colleagues, empowered by Personalized Training and Practical Coaching? Please don't hesitate to ask us for our in-house capabilities.

Location: Vleuten, Netherlands


About Us

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