Si Yo Puedo Tu Puedes

Si Yo Puedo Tu Puedes

Screen Shot 2015 08 14 at 2.15.14 PMJorge Gama is experienced in the field of the "psychology of sales" trainer. His own need for an awakening of the inner self, has led him to go into a process of reconnecting with his inner strength so his mission is, by example, inspiring other human beings in their own process.

With over 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur and 7 years of manufacturing and marketing a reductive strip for ergonomic support for healthy posture, his business has involved into the arduous task of educating the public on preventive health. It has been an exciting challenge to break paradigms. The biggest challenge, not just as a vendor, but as any human being is to "sell oneself" and the importance of recognizing and undo the thoughts and limiting beliefs that prevent us from living in the here and now.

The twentieth century was full of trainers offering "artificial" motivation with messages that may have carried us for up to a week, two weeks or at most a month.

The awakening of consciousness of the twenty-first century requires inspiring to invite people to "undo" the system of limiting beliefs in which we have grown. Each person is responsible for his motivation and can be made aware that the natural motivation comes from within the self.

Nobody motivates anyone. "If my motivation depends on something external to me, then I have the perfect place to believe that my motivation is dependent on something outside my excuse."

This would lead us into the trap of "I depend on something / someone, or am a victim of something / somebody." Leaving the responsibility for my life to someone else. (Spouse, government, economy, tragedy, etc.)

And where is Mr. Gama's inner strength?

"As inspiring I do not limit myself to tell you the theory to be successful in sales, or ingratiate jokes for you to spend a fun, or platicarte testimony to the success of others while.

I am a businessman who has been successful, and I am witness of life for all those who want to awaken your inner entrepreneur.

I speak from within. I spread my passion to connect heart to heart. Then I become a mirror for you, so you can recognize your inner strength. That strength you thought you did not have."  -Jorge Gama

Location: Monterrey, NLE, Mexico

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