Stourwater Pictures

Stourwater Pictures

Social Issue and Historical Documentary Films

"It's all about story: finding that convergence of drama, excitement, and historical truth - that's what Stourwater Pictures does - visual storytelling at its best."

Stourwater Pictures is an award-winning documentary production company that specializes in meticulously crafted historical films. We're known for finding the essential narratives buried in the subject matter - and developing absorbing and entertaining presentations that best honor and reflect those themes.

The filmmaking team of Lucy Ostrander and Don Sellers together has over 30 years of production experience. Don's work includes cinematography and editing for the PBS series Frontline, as well shooting for The American Experience, AIDS Quarterly, NOVA, Discover, ABC and The History Channel. Lucy's portfolio of films as a producer and director has garnered numerous awards including an Artist Trust Fellowship, four regional Emmys, the Nissan Focus Award, CINE Golden Eagle, Silver Apple from the National Educational Film Festival, and a Student Academy Award. Many of our productions have received national broadcast. Over the past several years Stourwater Pictures has produced a number of documentaries on Pacific Northwest history for museums, heritage organizations, non-formal learning centers, classrooms and websites.

Recently, we producedThe Revolutionary, a feature-length documentary on the only American to join the Chinese Communist Party. CLICK HERE to go to The Revolutionary website. And we've just completed Honor & Sacrificea documentary short on Roy Matsumoto, a Japanese American hero in Merrill's Marauders

Location: Bainbridge Island, WA, USA

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