the spiral, holistic education, human values, lifelong learning

the spiral, holistic education, human values, lifelong learning

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“the spiral, holistic education, human values, lifelong learning” is a non-profit organisation, addressing various age and social groups and prioritising workshops and initiatives on human values, conflict management and peace interactions, the Connection Language, Art & Environment, volunteerism, community spirit and solidarity consciousness, current social issues, as well as community-based and public art projects, all in collaboration with public bodies, organisations, foundations, art spaces, rehabilitation centers, schools, teachers/educators, autonomous groups, NGOs in Greece and abroad.

Among its goals is the planning and launching of innovative programmes for every age, vehicle of which is Creativity, Collaboration, Self-Awareness and Human Values in Education.

”the spiral, holistic education” draws methodology and inspiration from Holistic Education, Experiential Learning, Global Human Values in Education, Peace & Global Education, self-knowledge/empowerment workshops, the Connection Language. 

Collaborators: organisations and schools with Human Values in Education programmes, ASHA, CEIPES, Peliti seeds bank community, Peace Food Diet global network, Plato's Academy Cooperative Café, social collectivities, cultural and art spaces.

Partner of the Charter for Compassion International community, member of the Global Network of Schools for Compassion and of Anna Lindh Foundation for the promotion of intercultural dialogue, programmes and actions for: education, youth, culture, social solidarity, in the wider Mediterranean basin.

Creativity, teamwork and involvement of the totality of the human being (body, mind, emotion, spirit, knowledge, experience, memory, etc.) occupy strong presence in the organisation’s initiatives; thus, Arts and group dynamics activities take up protagonist role.

Fields of Action:

  • Initiatives and creativity programmes on Human Values in Education (HVE) and Global Education (GE) within schools of primary and secondary education, the content of which is guided by the curriculum of the class for the specific period in the school year.
  • Workshops based on Art & Environment bridged approaches, often in cooperation with schools, municipalities, environmental and/or social bodies, non-profit organisations, sensitive social groups.
  • Visual Arts programmes in museums, art galleries, cultural spaces, artists’ studios for/with children, adults, families.
  • Educating educators, facilitators, teachers on experiential learning, HVE, GE, the Language of Connection, conflict management, body language, inventiveness, self-awareness and holistic approaches in the educational practice for children and adults.
  • Launching Art & Environment festivals for every age and walk of life, cultivating partnerships among schools, neighbourhoods, NGOs, companies, etc.
  • HVE (Human Values in Education) Workshops with autonomous groups of pupils, students, adults on universal human values.
  • Experiential workshops tailored to sensitive and other social groups towards personal empowerment and self-awareness through bodywork, narration, art & dance therapy, music/sounds, playfulness/games, cooperative/collective actions, group dynamics exercises/tools, etc.
  • Cooperation with organisations and non-profit bodies abroad on contemporary issues, human rights, global human values and personal empowerment towards self-knowledge, active citizenship, creativity, volunteerism, the value of Collaboration, Contribution & Unity (intrinsic, social), solidarity initiatives, peace food, permaculture in everyday life, the Connection Language & peace interactions, self-sufficient communities.

«...every day is the 1st of May!»

Our organisation responded to the invitation of the 8th Primary School in Chaidari, Attica, Greece, to create within the school premises an art intervention, inspired by the life and vision of Napoleon Soukatzides. The project took place on the 21st and 22nd of May 2015, after a preparation of several months before.

The intervention was directed and implemented by two members of our organisation, one of which is an experienced visual artist, with the contribution of school pupils of the VI class mainly. The art intervention constitutes part of an umbrella project for primary schools in Chaidari municipality named “Itineraries within my city: history, culture, environment”.

Napoleon Soukatzides has been a visionary and a scholar lived at the time of the II World War in Chaidari. He decided to sacrifice his life together with 199 other Greeks, although he had the opportunity to continue living, due to his technical support to the Germans as an interpreter during the Greek occupation.

The art installation’s first unit within the school depicts the notion and form of a prison cell whereas 199+1 white butterflies-souls fly away. The confinement of the/any prison is alchemised into freedom, optimism and joy through the global human values of purity, dignity, solidarity, social responsibility, love, respect and peace, values which Soukatzides honoured through his living and dying. Each butterfly bears part or the whole of the text which N. Soukatzides wrote to his father just before his own execution by the Germans. The text has been written with red ink by the pupils of the schools.

11390191 10153012844998237 6005193114216368900 n‘Psyche’ means ‘soul’; it also means ‘butterfly’ in ancient Greek. The metamorphosis in the life of the butterfly has been the starting point of the art installation.

Outside the prison cell an old table and two chairs invite every visitor to sit down, contemplate, connect with the art work and the art book resting upon the table. The art book is the collective creation of the pupils of the VI class of the school where each leaf of the book presents a painting and a text at the back of the painting, both created by one pupil per leaf. Visitors are welcomed to go through the art book and contribute to the art work themselves by getting a paper butterfly-psyche from the straw basket upon the table and write, draw, paint their message and vision for a better future society locally and globally.

The colourful butterflies-visions take their place on the light green fabric, hung on the opposite wall, carrying the visions of the people of the school community as well as of every contemporary visitor of the art installation.

What is solidarity?
Which is my vision for my society?
What could I do to promote acceptance, unity, peace and solidarity within my school, my neighbourhood, my country, my planet?
How could I contribute to the collective positive change we are longing for? Where could I get support?

Each vision gets its value by its implementation eventually.
Let us all get to work, hence everybody is invited to experience each day as the 1st day of May!

Every day IS the day of new births, rebirths, metamorphoses, colourful celebrations and unifying forces in action for the collective good, following the wisdom of the Creation around us.

Location: Korogonas Plateau, Greece

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