The Sugar Cube Factory

The Sugar Cube Factory

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The Sugar Cube Factory is a website that people to distribute their words of kindness around the world.  It is a platform to spread random acts of kindness.

A Sugar Cube is a short message (Up to 300 characters) that is written with the sole intention to make somebody else happy. Keep in mind that Sugar Cubes are little pieces of random acts of kindness. So please try to avoid address a specific person, as your Sugar Cube will be sent out to many many people in the world and you never know who is going to receive it. You can sign your Sugar Cube or not. But remember it is always sweeter to receive a Sugar Cube and know a tiny bit about it's origin.

We believe in the power of words and in our ability to connect to each other regardless our location, background or identity.  The time you spend writing a sugar cube is the time that you are being grateful and caring and we want to celebrate that!

We believe that people do not necessarily need to be connected in order to positively affect other people's lives in a personal way.  This is not about distributing inspiritual content online, this is about real people with good intentions sending a personal positive message to other people.

Sender and receivers do not share contact details through the website or sugar cubes.  The sugar cube factory is not a social networking site, it is a place where you can do something special for a stranger.

We want to build a place where people can practice a random act of kindness and benefit from other people's good intentions.

Location: London, UK 

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