Foundation for Peace and Compassionate Leadership




Co-creating a Peaceful and Compassionate World that Works for All

Working with Leaders at all levels, all areas, and all across the Globe.

As we transition to a new world- more spiritually fulfilling, socially just, and environmentally sustainable-we will need more compassion, peace, and healing than ever before.

Peace, compassion, and healing for ourselves, for others and for the environment, and for all earthlings. We will also need to foster more peaceful and compassionate organizations and governance; those which are environmentally sustainable and life-affirming.

The Foundation has a vision of catalyzing peace, healing, and compassionate leadership in the world, starting with the people in India, our subcontinent and thence to South Asia, and the Rest of the World. The Values that drive the organization are easy to recall through the radiant mnemonic, LIGHT – standing for, Love, Integration, Generative-dialogue, Health, and Trust.

The above vision will be manifest through the designing and hosting of Outreach Programs for Schools and Young Leaders; Retreats for Decision-makers, Business Executives and Jurists, as well as Workshops, Conferences, and specific Community-oriented Projects – all aimed at creating a ground-swell of support for Peace, Healing, Compassion, and Wholesome Development, in India and the world. We will also be nurturing global Communities of Practice, comprising people who are aligned with the vision of One Wholesome World, and who are working on projects that bring the benefits of development to those needing it the most.

Location: Pune, Maharashtra, India

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