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"Koi baat karen" (translation: let's talk) is a safe space created for South Asian (Urdu speaking) women in specific to share and discuss issues related to mental health in their language in order to create togetherness and support for each other.

My name is Ambreen, and I am the founder of 'Let's talk' (Koi Baat Karen). Beyond that, I am a mother of four lovely children, and pursuing a Bachelor of Social Work at Ryerson University in Toronto. For the past 11 years, I have worked in the social work field as a counsellor at Family Shelters, as well as an Education Assistant for special needs children. 

Let's Talk was created from a place of wanting to encourage South Asian women to have a safe space where they can learn and discuss topics related to Mental Health and Wellness. Of the resources currently available, they do not always consider that Mental Health is a taboo topic in many cultures which makes the journey towards wellbeing very difficult. So, I am here to remind South Asian Women that we are not alone in this journey of growth. My goal is for us to encourage each other while sharing our experiences of healing.

Location: Barrie, Ontario, Canada



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