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My name is CeCe Moreland, an HR Professional by trade. With a unique blend of professionalism in Human Resources and Human Services from a nonprofit perspective, I work towards helping people get rightly situated in order to contribute significantly to society. I strongly believe in the true essence of work-life balance as it greatly enhances the value of human assets. Through years of selfless work, I’ve been humbled to help numerous people establish a balanced quality of life via human resources. I pride myself on personal integrity and common-sense resolution and absolutely thrive on working with people to improve performance and quality of life.

The Tiny Home Eco-Village Community

Human suffering is always visible, but it takes an instance for us to act. The very inception of the conceptualization of creating a non-profit organization first began when I was the Activities Director at McDonald’s in Lawton Oklahoma in the early 90’s. It was then when my heart ached to regularly witness the homeless people walking in the snow, however it was the unbearable plight of a three-legged dog struggling that moved me towards taking an action. Although as a simple gesture, I began giving away free McDonald’s gift cards for coffee, breakfast, and lunch.

I wanted them to feel appreciated and seen and understand that there are people who actively care. This new initiative of starting a nonprofit organization formed in dedication to the purpose of acquiring land to build tiny home communities for veterans, single parents, and aged-out youth is meant to complement the already existing services provided to the homeless community of Dallas. The economically planned community is socially, culturally, and ecologically sustainable. It is designed to be locally owned, incorporating businesses in the community through participatory governing processes to regenerate and restore social and natural environments, including the Garden of Compassion Food Forest, and a 50-bed cabin for Aged-Out Youth.

Addressing Hunger: Outreach to Feed the Homeless

The outreach program began in 2009 through cooperative efforts within Shekinah Baptist Church in Oak Cliff, Texas with an intensive focus on the homeless populations in the inner-city of Dallas. One aspect of the outreach program was to gather and transport people suffering from hunger and help them to get to church in order to provide them with breakfast and an opportunity to attend the other services. Apart from this there is a dedicated group of people to prepare sandwiches which were delivered to the homeless in local shelters after the Wednesday Bible Study.  Though many years have passed and I currently attend another church congregation for service on a regular basis, I still participate with my former church to prepare pancake breakfast for the homeless families at Family Gateway Shelter in downtown Dallas.

Location: Lancaster, TX, USA

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