A friend in time of need is a friend indeed

A friend in time of need is a friend indeed

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A friend in time of need is a friend indeed. ~Popular saying in Yemen

Dear Friends,

Each week when I start writing this newsletter I have to make a choice as to what issue will be addressed.  There is no doubt that I want to share some news about the Charter for Compassion’s involvement with our friends in Yemen.  As you know Yemen has been in war since 2015, a war that continues to escalate even as news coverage seems limited.  It is estimated that close to 50% of the population’s are no longer able to work. Hundreds of thousands of people have left their homes to seek protective shelter in Sana’a and Dhamar.  The United Nations has warmed that Yemen is about to face a critical famine if there is not extensive intervention. Yemen has a population of 27 million, and it is estimated that 7 million are in urgent need of food, water, housing and healthcare, another 18 million need assistance.  That is almost the entire population of a country.

In this dire situation there are a number of organizers who have begun a Charter for Compassion Foundation.  As Tariq Al Amri, one of the founders of the group wrote earlier this week:

We have set our priorities to work on providing food, water and other urgent needs. We have begun work with the management of the General Revolution Hospital.  They are experiencing a serious shortage of medical supplies. The doctors and hospital staff continue to work without salaries. One of the most affected areas in the hospital is the kidney care unit which has been forced to close. We have asked the hospital management to prepare a list of their most urgent requirements.  I will sent this to you.

Also, my old friend, colleague and peace activist Kathy Kelly has written sharing news about her involvement in a six day fast and vigil her group participated in across the street from the United Nations. Their purpose was to bring attention to the famine conditions in Yemen.  She writes:

There are no military solutions…to this civil war.  The U.S. shouldn’t continue support of any kind for the Saudi airstrikes and blockade. Nor should the U.S. attack Yemen. Yet we don’t feel  the U.S. or any U.S. groups have a right to determine who gets the upper hand in the terrible civil war being waged there.

What to do?

  1. Visit Kathy’s website, Voices for Creative Nonviolence to keep up with news of Yemen and participate in actions presented on their homepage.
  2. Work with your churches, mosques, synagogues and other organizations to make contributions to the work of the compassion team on the ground in Yemen. We are working with the Yemen team to set up an account for donations. Contact us at the Charter to let us know of your interest and commitment.
  3. Volunteer to head up the Charter’s efforts of working with Yemen.  What would you do? Track down connections with medical supply companies who might be able to donate materials.  Locate Yemenites living in other countries who might be able to organize others to help. We have a request from an animal rescue league who is working with the World Wildlife Fund to evacuate close to 300 rare animals in the national zoo. Work with international compassionate cities to see if and how they can help.  Keep in contact with Tariq and his colleagues.

Let’s put compassionate action to work!

With warm regards,


Marilyn Turkovich, Director
Charter for Compassion International

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The daughter of one of our charter partners John Golestan has suffered an extremely serious accident in Greece where she was traveling on a school holiday.  Arabella is facing a number of surgeries and her family and friends have set up a campaign to help pay her medical bills. Every dollar is helpful. Learn more about Arabella and how you might help her and her family during this crisis.

The Last Words

Undoubtedly you are used to these final words.  Thank you to the 76 people who donated to the Charter last week and thank you to those of you who are giving each month, whether it is a $1 or $25 or more.  Here are some specifics that will help you understand how your money is being used:

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