Aberjhani's Blog

Aberjhani's Blog

Photograph of Aberjhani in front of Tomo Chi Chi memorial in Savannah GA by Cindy Wallace
(Photograph of Aberjhani in front of Tomo-Chi-Chi memorial in Savannah, GA, by Cindy Wallace)

From his journalism and award-winning books on history to his diverse literary writings and poster art campaigns, author-poet Aberjhani has worked many years to help position the practice of compassion as a primary strategy for nonviolent conflict resolution across the globe. The need to achieve this became most evident following the events of 9/11 and their aftermath. The increasing levels of technologized violence and extreme polarizations both within and between nations prompted him in to found Creative Thinkers International (2007-2015). The online global community of educators, artists, poets, photogaphers, musicians and everyday people utilized their creative gifts to advocate for a compassionate approach to achieving a unified humanity dedicated to peaceful coexistence.

He expanded his platform on the issue when addressing such topics as domestic violence, capital punishment, mass incarceration, racism, and gender equality through his former AXS Entertainment cultural arts column and in contributions to the Voices Education Project. He has spent the better part of the last decade working on a book of nonfiction narratives in which he explores the various implications of immigration, caretaking, human trafficking, literary culure, and race relations as they pertain to his hometown of Savannah, Geogia (USA), and the larger international community.

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