Considering Strategic Advantages of Compassion in the Year 2017

Considering Strategic Advantages of Compassion in the Year 2017


Compassion provides the means by which we walk a mile in each other’s shoes and learn to value our common humanity enough to invest in its immense potential. This is something many of us know very well, but which a lot of people choose to avoid for different reasons.

One motive behind the choice to sidestep this awareness is because when walking, or recognizing the value of, the path of another person’s life we sometimes discover tracks leading back to our own door. When such trails take us to the beginning of a joyful or healing experience in someone else’s life, it is easy to smile at the revelation and quietly celebrate the triumph.

But if they guide us to a point of disempowering trauma which our actions, words, or biases helped trigger in the existence of an individual or the collective being of a nation, acknowledging one’s role in the creation of their suffering can become more difficult. Apply this idea to a variety of scenarios and we begin to see why many might have a problem approaching situations from a perspective based on compassion:

• Think about what various heads of state would have to confront when declaring how their actions or nonactions contributed to the barbaric destruction of one of humanity’s great historical treasures and much of the population entrusted with it: the city of Aleppo, Syria.
• Imagine the spouses who finally snap out of their self-consuming rage long enough to understand the damage they have done to their wives, or husbands, or children, and themselves.
• Picture the unrepentant racists, intolerant bigots, and self-righteous preachers of hate. They believe their prejudices to be indisputably morally correct, even morally superior, until the hatred they spew boomerangs and spills the blood of innocents for whom they feel some affection.

A second reason someone might hesitate to embrace exercising compassion as a basic component of their daily practices is the perceived price we pay when holding ourselves accountable for causes as well as effects. That price may be viewed as an existential risk, or a stress-laden sacrifice that could comprise anything from hard-earned financial resources to time-consuming labor and fragile relationships.

Why? Because practicing compassion in the 21st century means going beyond logging accusations of social, political, or domestic injustices, and taking the additional step of volunteering ways to correct them. Holding oneself accountable for producing a healing or restorative effect upon deteriorating lives or conditions can be a difficult thing to do. And yes: a challenging sacrifice to make.

As the world settles into 2017, opposition opposed to presidential administrations even before they get underway, war-hawks eager to assert dominance over distant lands, increasing disease, and expanding poverty provide many opportunities for modeling what President Abraham Lincoln called the better angels of our nature. Taking the risks and confronting the agonies, however, is not something we do to proclaim ourselves as heroic or saintly. We do it in answer to the needs and demands of our times, following the examples set by so many before this present hour.

For men and women to comfortably adapt to a state of nihilistic indifference is to declare hope itself a sad delusion and compassion a spiritual fantasy. None of us are wealthy enough to pay such a fatal cost.

We declare a partnership in mindfulness with citizens of the global community because these words remain true: Compassion saves lives, builds communities, and restores nations by minimizing tendencies to glamorize hatred, and by maximizing the capacity for manifesting love. Compassion––keeps hope alive.

January 1, 2017
Bright Skylark Literary Productions


We declare
a partnership
in mindfulness
with citizens
of the global community
because these words
remain true:

Compassion saves lives,
builds communities,
and restores nations
by minimalizing our tendency
to glamorize hatred,
and by maximizing our capacity
for manifesting love.



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