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    Below - some notes from our discussion on Tuesday September 3, 2019

    Our next ACC meeting is on Tuesday 8 October at 8.00am (VIC/NSW) 7.30am (QLD)  NB: Daylight saving starts 6 Oct

    1. Compassionate Cities

    Update on Gold Coast  

    • TA noted that next week he has a meeting with Councillor Glenn Tozer to brief him on progress of Compassionate Gold Coast
    • That LM and SS visited the Gold Coast to get a better idea of how they might set up Compassionate Cities in NSW
    • Toowoomba is also interested – and TA and Marilyn will discuss during Marilyn’s visit later this year.
    • TA/LM/SS were all involved in forums on mental health during their GC visit.
    • TA indicated he is continuing to work on the Cities Strategic plan, including process mapping

    Compassionate Ballarat (CB)

    • LR noted that CB is continuing to work with the City Council to sign the Charter – Council paper as attached (please note still in draft form)
    • In anticipation of that signing occurring in October – CB is planning a Celebration of Compassion week – this will link to the outcomes of our initial scoping forums where particular touch points of suffering were identified.
    • Those Touch Points included: High suicide levels – low literacy levels – high economic inequality – growing no of homeless, including older women – rapidly growing population – new and old residents – current and historic indigenous concerns – epigenetics of child sexual abuse  youth disengagement .
    • This week has been developed with these touch points in mind, in particular to provide: Opportunities to give back - to receive - to learn - to be inspired - to be nurtured - to be resourced in the evidence base of compassion and empathy and opportunities to contribute to a global initiative.
    • LR noted that another CEO forum was being run on 13 September – invite as below**
    • The CB website has now been established –

    2.Australian Compassion Newsletter

    • LR noted that the recent SINE webinar with Al Harris and Jenny Bowler was a deeply touching session on Indigenous Compassion
    • Jon Ramer will edit and send a copy of the SINE recording
    • Al Harris spoke very movingly and has really come on board to the Charter – I spoke to him just this morning and he said that in all the work he does that he makes sure he is introduced as the first Indigenous Advisor to the ACC
    • The web link and the flyer for the Scholars forum will be included in the newsletter – which can go out next week

    3.ACC Scholars Forum

    • LR noted that the ACC Scholars initiative has been very well supported by Prof Felicia Huppert and invitations have been sent and replies received
    • LR and DL to design and upload the Scholars information onto the Aust Charter website
    • The Inaugural ACC Scholars forum is to be held on 22 Nov 2019 at the University of Sydney
    • The forum will address these questions:
      • Overview: what are the aims of the ACC Scholars program?
      • Definitions of compassion: what is within the compassion research framework?
      • Compassion research tools and methodologies: what are the issues around the theoretical measures of compassion, and of emerging research methodologies?
      • Australian compassion research: what is occurring across Australia; how can we share compassion research?
      • Compassion research outcomes: how can compassion research be deployed and applied more effectively across business, health, education and other settings?
      • Next Steps: how to stay in touch – and how often?

    4.Early Childhood Compassion Curriculum

    • LR provided a short research update
    • RCT of 500 early childhood children is well underway and first lot of data is now being collected

    5.Compassion in Music demonstration project

    • LR note that work on this demonstration program is proceeding and schools are now locked in for participation

    ** Invitation to CEO event:


    On behalf of Compassionate Ballarat - I am inviting you to our next CEO session on 13 September 2019 from 8.45am-10.00am.

    This session will feature David Rumbens, Partner at Deloitte’s and principal author of its recent report ‘The Future of Work is Human’ (report attached)

    This Deloitte Insights outlines the skills shift from manual to cognitive, to now the heart skills of cooperation, deep thinking, creativity and self-awareness.

    In the context of the rise of automation and robotics, interestingly the report finds that future workers will require the ‘skills of the heart’, including a better understanding of how human imagination drives innovation, when ethically applied.

    The report concludes that this capacity shift will require CEOs to better recognise and reward social skills such as empathy and collaboration when recruiting and developing workers.

    Associate Professor Rick Chew, Dean, Arts Academy will introduce this topic, and David Rumbens will join this session via a live Zoom call.

    Date: 13 September 2019
    Time: 8.45am-10.00am
    Venue: C301 Ballarat Arts Academy, Camp St campus.

    ACC MEETING NOTES - October 4, 2019

    Compassionate Cities

    • Compassionate Cities Forum 24 Oct 11.00-1.00pm
    • Mimi to distribute the invitation through the Australian database
    • Responses already received City of Bendigo, Castlemaine, and Moreland City Council
    • Update on Gold Coast  - Terry working with Councillor Tozer on healing conversations
    • I promised to send a link to the Accidental Counsellor work happening in Ballarat – and as attached
    • Compassionate Ballarat – getting ready for the week from 20-27 Oct  2019


    ACC Scholars Forum

    • Jennifer Nadel confirmed for ACC Scholars Forum
    • A flyer will be developed for inclusion in the next ACC newsletter  

    Partners Update

    • Beyond Empathy – working on  a project with CB on the Healing Arts
    • Unity Earth to have a formal announcement of the partnership at its 16 Nov event and to link to its caravan of peace which is culminating in 2021 – and we can link to that as part of Dreaming Australia A Continent for Compassion.
    • Terry has been met with Richard Petkovic, Director of the Sacred Music festival to confirm a partnership and link to its work as part of the 2021 launch – and to also discuss if Richard would consider becoming the Australian Lead for the Arts Sector
    • The discussions with Rotary around the Peace Poles is continuing to give us a presence in Canberra for 2021

    Compassion in Music demonstration project

    • Formally in the week of events 20-27 Oct

    Next Meeting

    • Tuesday 12 Nov at 8.00/7.00am (not 8 Nov)

    Hopefully everyone either virtually or via Zoom can join in the Cities discussion on 24 Oct

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