This guide is far from complete. To complete or to even come close to representing the "what compassionate social justice is," and how we can ensure it touches every living human being, we need your input.

Seeing and Working Through the Heart is a project of the Social Justice sector of the Charter for Compassion. We are a small group of Charter partners and volunteers, city organizers and Charter staff. While we are located globally, the majority of our group is based in the U.S., and than is the reason that so many of our examples are U.S. based. We are counting on our international members to add to this work.

A special thank you and acknowledgement to the people who made this work possible by providing their talents, ideas, resources and hard work. Also, everyone who is a part of the Social Justice team works on several different projects: for example, our Social Justice webinars, researcher, and organizer. Here is our team:

Michael Burks, coordinator of the Social Justice Sector, writer and editor for this project. Michael is based in California, USA.

Richard Feldman, is a community and labor activist, board member of the James and Grace Lee Boggs Center to Nurture Community Leadership and the Huntington Woods Peace, Citizenship and Education Project.  He contributed to writing a section of the handbook.

Tam Martin Fowles, contributor to our research and writings on racism. Tam is the coordinator of the Charter's Compassionate United Kingdom hub. He lives in Detroit, MI, USA.

Anders Reagan, has taken the lead on coordinating the social justice webinar series.  He currently lives in Sweden but is on his way to Costa Rica to attend La Universidad para la Paz (The Peace University).

Marilyn Turkovich, writer of the article on Compassion and Social Justice, creator of this on-line volume and graphic layout. Marilyn is director of the Charter for Compassion.

Katherine van Uum, contributor to discussions and conversations leading to the outline of our handbook, facilitator of social justice webinars. Katherine is from St. Louis, MO, USA and is one of the lead organizers of Compassionate St. Louis.

Pattie Williams, writer of the handbook's section on Empathy, researcher, organizer of social justice calls and lead co-coordinator of the sector.  Patti is from Fayetteville, AR, USA and is with Compassionate Fayetteville.

Jack Youngkin, thought the Charter should have a sector devoted to social justice along with his Charter for Compassion team leader in Dallas-Ft. Worth.  Jack has been involved in discussions leading to the initiation of the handbook, but has been very involved in the planning, research and getting speakers for our webinar series.


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