Affiliated Courses

Affiliated Courses

Affiliated Courses are offered in conjunction with partners to the Charter for Compassion. Organizations such as Spirituality and Practice and The Dialogue Institute regularly share their coursework with Charter participants and in turn provide a minimum fee to the Charter in exchange for our members involvement. Please note that you will be directed off the Charter website to register for these courses and all questions regarding the courses should be directed to the organization providing the course.

The Affiliated Courses are on-demand meaning you can register and begin the courses as you choose.

tmchristmasA Universal Christmas

A new e-course by Thomas Moore
December 3, 2018 - January 7, 2019

Cost: $40.00

Christmas is a sacred holiday and a transformation with plenty to offer to Christians and non-Christians alike. It comes during the gap between darkness and sunlight — the perfect time, traditionally, to stop being normal and to begin experimenting with alternative ways.

Join us this December to take delight in the deeper meanings and wonders of Christmas. Christmas is for everyone and need not be limited to a special community of believers. We sort ourselves out not by officially belonging to a group but by living the Gospel philosophy of love: based on appreciation for humanity, all of life, and the community of the world.

Explore universal themes like The Guiding Star, Angels, and The Magi and Gift-Giving with Thomas Moore, a psychotherapist, former monk, and bestselling author who writes and lectures in the fields of archetypal psychology, mythology, care of the soul, and creating a religion of your own. His classic Care of the Soul and the books that have followed demonstrate his ability to reinvigorate and inhabit old concepts. Read more and sign up here:

findingpeaceFinding Peace in Turbulent Times

By the Interfaith Amigos, Ted Falcon and Jamal Rahman
Available On Demand
Cost: $49.95

Restoring love and compassion to relationships that have been damaged by fear and hatred depends on spiritual practices, "a wellspring of spaciousness" out of which arise ways of thinking, being, and doing that are integrated, whole, and humane. In their new e-course that looks at peacemaking from the inside out, Rabbi Ted and Imam Jamal provide practical exercises to help prevent burnout, heal despair, and foster sustainable involvement in activist causes. Read more and sign up here:

resilienceMastering the Art of Resilience

By James Kullander
Available On Demand
Cost: $49.95

Resilience — the capacity to cope with and rebound from adversity — is a skill that can be mastered no matter how old you are, no matter what your circumstances. Painful experiences, as with pleasurable experiences, come and go. But if you master the art of resilience you can maintain a level head and a sense of equanimity every day of your life. This course offers a rich combination of the timeless wisdom of spiritual and philosophical sages down through the ages, contemplative practices, discoveries in neuroplasticity, and the insights of contemporary experts in analytical and positive psychology. Read more and sign up here:

we the people book club side3We the People Book Club

By Julia Davis
Offered by Spirituality and Practice
Begins September 3rd; Cost $24/year

The We the People Book Club is a year-long program designed with the intention of giving you an opportunity to strengthen your vision of democracy and your connections with others. We will be contemplating America's past and possibilities as presented by classic and contemporary literary voices.

This book club is being offered by The Practicing Democracy Project, a collaboration between The Center for Spirituality & Practice and the Fetzer Institute. It affirms two principles. First, reading itself is a spiritual practice. It requires inner work of quiet and stillness, attention to detail, and empathy as we imagine lives other than our own and root for characters to resolve their struggles.

Second, when this inner work inspires engagement with our neighbors and communities — as happens in book clubs — it becomes deeply democratic. Book club members passionately share responses to a text. Connections are forged, consensus arises, differences are respected, and unity is built as each person has a chance to speak and be heard.

DI JES globe onlyCritical Thinking and Creative Compassion to Create Deep Dialogue

Offered by Online Dialogue Institute: Journal of Ecumenical Studies
Cost: Free; Register

This course intends to meet a great challenge: to empower people to live in society with genuine respect and mutual care for self and others. Human relations break down when worlds collide. Violence and abuse arise in ethnic conflicts, racial hatred, gender issues, ideological confrontations, and ecological indifference. This course teaches content and skills that help transform these challenges into opportunities for a deepened sense of one’s own worldview and an awakened awareness of the worldviews of others who share a different worldview from one’s own.

Religion is the particular lens used here, with an assumption that values and ideologies can function in a person’s life as does a religion, even if someone isn't particularly or at all religious. At the end of this self-paced course, one will be able to meet the following objectives:

  • Define dialogue, and apply it to one’s daily life.
  • Use critical thinking about an issue of importance.
  • Demonstrate increased knowledge of one’s own worldview and that of another person.
  • Recognize the difference between a stereotype and a generalization and learn to deconstruct a stereotype to defuse prejudice and construct useful, respectful generalizations.
  • Act with creativity and compassion.

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