Alive Inside Foundation

Alive Inside Foundation

The truth is, you cannot love yourself unless you have been loved and are loved. The capacity to love cannot be built in isolation.

— Bruce D. Perry

Music is the Quickening Art.

— Dr. Oliver Sacks



The Alive Inside Foundation is a social profit organization dedicated to expanding human connection. We use the power of music and story to create meaningful, shared connections aimed at healing a widening generation gap and inspiring a vibrant vision of aging for all.

Our Goals

Create educational programs and technologies that- 

  1. Cultivate empathy and connection between youth and elders,
  2. Support the use of Music as a vehicle of connection,
  3. Help reduce the overuse of antipsychotic drugs in elder care.

We will not rest until-

  • Aging is seen as part of the life journey, and not a disease to be cured.
  • Our young see the beauty in their future selves to come...
  • Personalized Music is available for everyone with Dementia who needs it.  
  • The overuse of Antipsychotic medications is stopped!
  • We all hear Music’s deepest wisdom together and realize we are not alone.

Our Programs

  • Music Detective Software

We are developing an Alive Inside App that will streamline and expedite the creation of personalized playlists and memory enhancers so that kids, caregivers, family members, and volunteers can easily make the soundtrack / life story of someone’s life.
We are 70% done with this initiative.

  • Educational Outreach

We are expanding the work started at Music and Memory by educating and engaging kids / young adults in connecting with elders and creating materials to support this.  Our Education Outreach kit involves dementia simulation exercises to increase empathy,training on how to interact with elders and software to sleuth out playlist creation.  We are targeting schools, churches and universities and will have a large volunteer facilitator component -  Program is already underway in its prototype stage.  

  • Community Building

We have created a way for people to share their stories at #AliveInsideStories

Our next phase of the website will be to transition the site into a community building hub.

  • Antipsychotic Overmedication Awareness Project

    “Music not Drugs!” is a feature documentary film and outreach campaign we are producing to show the world the lethal problem of the overuse of Antipsychotic Medication in nursing homes.  The film illustrates how Personalized Music Programs are drastically reducing the use of these drugs.  

  • Policy Change - Reimburse for Music

Clinical studies are now showing the powerful impact that music has on lowering agitation, increasing cooperation, and improving cognitive function in Alzheimer’s patients as compared to the use of expensive and debilitating antipsychotic drug use.  However, insurance companies will not reimburse for cost effective personalized music!  This must change.  We are developing a strategy to shine a light on this issue and our concert is the first step.

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Location: Cleveland, OH, USA

About Us

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