Based out of New York City, Anchorlot's sound is a collaboration of early 90s alternative rock and modern rock with funk and blues undertones. Our music captures themes from social injustice and political exploits to individual empowerment and discovery that affect individuals across the globe. 

The band name was inspired by John's travels in Cambodia in 2011 where he visited Angkor Wat, the largest religious monument in the world which was built in the 12th century. John's travels in Cambodia and Southeast Asia were eye-opening and demonstrated the beauty that exists in this world in spite of intense poverty and conditions that many Westerners are never exposed to. The experience completely shifted John's understanding of the way in which we are all connected and how Western values, particularly American values, are largely skewed by materialism, fame, and aspirations that offer little to no fulfillment. It is our experiences that transform us, especially those that force us outside of our comfort zones.

‘Anchor’ represents the anchors of our societies, the unsung heroes who receive minimal recognition; a small ‘lot’ of appreciation. It is a tribute to the regular and wonderful people all around the world who are collectively ignored while those with influence and power who largely promote vanity, materialism, greed, and corruption are glorified. 

View Anchorlot's re-imagined version of "Hallelujah" below. The concept for this project began with an informal conversation that quickly became a call to capture and expose some major deep-seated issues that inhibit our ability to see our own common humanity. The lyrics address some important themes that are incredibly relevant right now; our intense political and social divide, the injustices of our incarceration system, police brutality, the war in the Middle East, the refugee crisis, and the hypocrisy of Christianity and organized religion. This song was originally composed and recorded by Leonard Cohen.

Location: New York, NY, USA

About Us

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