Spread Kindness

with Unity World Headquarters


Date: April 1st


With kindness I give; in kindness I live. Today I choose to practice kindness. As I encounter others, I am happy to greet them. I think of them as traveling companions on life's journey. I offer a warm smile or a few words of appreciation to a friend or a stranger. Acts of kindness bring positive energy to both giver and receiver, then ripple out to bless others.

When I inquire about someone's day, I honor them by listening deeply to their reply. If I miss an opportunity for kindness, I am kind to the next person I meet, and I remember to be kind to myself.

However expressed, kindness honors the divine within us all. I affirm: With kindness I give, and in kindness I live.

(from Daily Word Magazine)

Join us April 1, 2022, at 11:00am CT for a special prayer service dedicated to the power of kindness. Live on Facebook.


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