April: Compassion for The Earth

April: Compassion for The Earth

In honor of International Earth Day, this month’s topic will address issues of climate change and the interconnectedness of the health and well-being of the Earth and all her animate and inanimate inhabitants.

All calls are at 8 a.m. Pacific Time (US)/11 a.m. Eastern Time (US)

April 5- Living the Interconnectedness of Mother Earth and her Inhabitants Call Recording

"After Party" Call Recording


Speakers: Helen Samuels & Arnold Ricalde

helensamuelsA modern elder. Community activator. Catalyst. Environmental restoration facilitator. These are some of the words that describe Helen Samuels. Helen is among a rare group of innovative and courageous social entrepreneurs who are changing the way the world views solutions to our environmental and social challenges. With dogged determination, compassionate action and hands-on grassroots organizing, Helen, an ASHOKA Fellow, describes herself as "a lifelong independent social entrepreneur dedicated to the honoring and restoration of Earth, honoring and empowering the voice and vision of youth (in particular from over populated cities) and honoring and restoring the rights and ancestral cultures of Indigenous nations."

She has spent more than 40 years, and visited over 25 countries, inspiring and supporting youth with projects mainly in Mexico and the United States. Her dedicated efforts have deeply engaged young leaders in eco-social movements which has lead to the creation of hundreds of youth-run projects. Through the replication of sustainable practices through local and global networks, these projects spawned many additional community based projects.

The work Helen has done has altered the way the media, decision-makers, and others perceive urban and native youth cultures, as well as the way the youth perceive themselves.

You can learn more about Helen and the work she does here

arnoldArnold Ricalde is an advisor to the government of Mexico City on matters of large-scale recycling and serves as a Solid Waste Consultant for the City of Mexico and the Nation. He is the Director of Organi-K and of the Integrative Environmental Systems and Services (ISSA). He is also the 2009 co-author (with Laura Kuri) of Eco-habitat: Experiencias Rumbo a la Sustentabilidad.

With Organi-K, he actively participated in the Ecobarrios program in Coyoacan in Mexico City and for more than 10 years, he has been organizing Eco-housing, Ecovillage Design and Sustainable Settlements workshops.

Arnold is also the coordinator of Pepenafest Festival, Mexico’s largest event on the use of disposable materials. He has organized organic markets in different delegations in Mexico City and is one of the pillars for the movement Council of Visions of Earth Guardians. He also contributes to the dissemination of bioregionalism, permaculture and the Mexican and Global Ecovillage Network.

You can learn more about Arnold and Organi-K here. In English, you can learn more about one of Arnold’s projects here.

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April 19- Acting Out: The Critical State of Mother Earth - Call Recording

chiefphilSpeaker: Chief Phil Lane Jr.

Chief Phil Lane Jr. is a traditionally recognized Hereditary Chief and Elder. He is an enrolled member of the Ihanktonwan Dakota and Chickasaw Nations, and is a citizen of both Canada and the United States. With master's degrees in Education at National University and Public Administration at the University of Washington, Chief Phil Lane, Jr. is an internationally recognized indigenous leader in human and community development. The founder and chairman of the Four World's International Institute (FWII), an organization dedicated to "unifying the human family through the Fourth Way", Chief Phil Lane, Jr. is the recipient of many awards, including the John Denver Windstar Award, and is a frequent speaker on behalf of indigenous rights and wisdom.
Most recently Chief Phil was ceremonially recognized as an Honorary Woman by the sisters of the Salish Territories because of his relentless message and dedication, over the past 50 years, of the spiritual reality of the Equality of Women and Men. Chief Phil holds dear the Equality of Women and Men as a Spiritual Reality.

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