Arts Partners

Arts Partners


Individual Artists

  1. Aberjhani, Author and Poet (Savannah, GA, USA)
  2. Alexis Donkin (Buellton, CA, USA)
  3. Aliza Hava (Santa Cruz, CA, USA)
  4. Beccy McCray (London, United Kingdom)
  5. Beth Grossman (Brisbane, CA, USA)
  6. Brecia Creative (San Diego, CA, USA)
  7. Brayden Patterson Productions (St. Louis, MO, USA)
  8. Candy Chang (New Orleans, LA, USA)
  9. Carl Karush (Brooksville, ME, USA)
  10. David Breaux, writer and story teller (David, CA, USA)
  11. Dr. Jessica QuiƱones, International Flautist (Truro, CON, UNITED KINGDOM)
  12. Elizabeth Oehrle (Durban, South Africa)
  13. Emma's Revolution (Oceanside, CA, USA)
  14. Harry Pickens (Louisville, KY, USA)
  15. Joelyn Lutz (Santa Maria, CA, USA)
  16. John Smelcer (Kirksville, MO, USA)
  17. NDR (Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom)
  18. One Wordsmith (Appleton, WI, USA)
  19. SaadeStudio (Jersey City, NJ, USA)
  20. Salma Arastu Collection (Berkeley, CA, USA)
  21. Stella Rossi Dance (Bainbridge Island, WA, USA)
  22. Susan Salidor: Music Performer (Chicago, IL, USA)
  23. Tim Holmes Art Studio (Helena, MT, USA)
  24. Vanessa F. Hurst, MS (Louisville, KY, USA)
  25. Victor Johnson (Bend, OR, USA)
  26. Zeena Nackerdien, Freelance Writer (New York, NY, USA)

Arts Organization

  1. A Red Circle (Florissant, MO, USA)
  2. Active Kids Art Group (Sulaimaniya, IRAQ)
  3. Afrique Aya Drum and Dance Troupe (Fayetteville, AR, USA)
  4. Alabama Prison Arts + Education Project (Auburn, AL, USA)
  5. Alive Inside Foundation (Cleveland, OH, USA)
  6. AmericaWillBe.US (Los Angeles, CA, USA)
  7. Art of Ceremony (Penzance, UNITED KINGDOM)
  8. Art of the Soul (Gaborone, BOTSWANA)
  9. AT&T Performing Arts Center (Dallas, TX, USA)
  10. B.Kind (Louisville, KY, USA)
  11. Bainbridge Performing Arts (Bainbridge Island, WA, USA)
  12. Barnas Landskap Childrens Landscape (Oslo, NORWAY)
  13. Bil Haus Arts (San Antonio, TX, USA)
  14. Breaking Walls (New York, NY, USA)
  15. Bruce Wood Dance Project (Dallas, TX, USA)
  16. Buddhist Boot Camp (Portland, OR, USA)
  17. Bureau Nevejan and Mindful Compassion Amsterdam (Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS)
  18. Burgandy Productions (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
  19. Cape Town Recovery Film Festival (Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA)
  20. CARAVAN (Winfield, IL, USA)
  21. Center for Bangladesh Studies (Dhaka, BANGLADESH)
  22. Chance Films (Santa Monica, CA, USA)
  23. CirqueLouis (Louisville, KY, USA)
  24. Cities of Peace (East Hampton, NY, USA)
  25. Community Connect Foundation (Sonoma, CA, USA)
  26. Compathos (Pleasant Valley, CA, USA)
  27. Crazywise (Mercer Island, WA, USA)
  28. Creative Economy Action (Fayetteville, AR, USA)
  29. Crow Collection of Asian Art (Dallas, TX, USA)
  30. Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art (Bentonville, AR, USA)
  31. Cultural Infusion (Colingwood, AUSTRALIA)
  32. Cupola Contemporary Art (Sheffield, UNITED KINGDOM)
  34. Dallas Arts District (Dallas, TX, USA)
  35. Deep Time Walk CIC (Totnes, UNITED KINGDOM)
  36. DeKalb Choral Guild, Inc. (Decatur, GA, USA)
  37. DreamRider Productions (Port Moody, BC, CANADA)
  38. Emergence Pictures (Red Wing, MN, USA)
  39. Evolving Arts of America (Atlanta, GA, USA)
  40. Excellence Reporter (Beziers, FRANCE)
  41. Exploring Consciousness (Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA)
  42. Finding One's Voice (Sharon, MA, USA)
  43. Fitchburg Art Museum (Fitchburg, MA, USA)
  44. Frankenskein Yarn Company (Penzance, UNITED KINGDOM)
  45. Glitter & Razz Productions LLC (Oakland, CA, USA)
  46. Global Dialogues (Decatur, GA, USA)
  47. Global Mandala (Atlanta, GA, USA)
  48. Global Peace Film Festival (Winter Park, FL, USA)
  49. Global Transition (Maidstone, UNITED KINGDOM)
  50. Handy Entertainment (Atlanta, GA, USA)
  51. Harmonia (Fayetteville, AR, USA)
  52. Harmony: Atlanta's International Youth Chorus (Atlanta, GA, USA)
  53. Heartbeat (Jerusalem, ISREAL)
  54. Heart Tree Arts Play Therapy and Expressive Arts Center (Richmond, VA, USA)
  55. Heartwisdom Center for Compassionate Consciousness (Winona, MN, USA)
  56. HERMESensemble (Wijnegem, Antwerp, Belgium)
  57. Hikayetna (our story) (London, United Kingdom)
  58. Hub Media CIC (Truro, UNITED KINGDOM)
  59. Indigo Media (Monterrey, MEXICO)
  60. Institute of Canadian Archives (Toronto, ON, Canada)
  61. Ionian Fiddles (Bellevue, WA, USA)
  62. Jaipur Rugs Foundation (Rajasthan, India)
  63. JLS Vision Services, LLC (Atlanta, GA, USA)
  64. Joyology (Brisbane, QLD, Australia)
  65. Joy-Us (Fayetteville, AR, USA)
  66. Kids Discovery Museum (Bainbridge Island, WA, USA)
  67. l& (Venice, CA, USA)
  68. Ladybug Events LLC (Atlanta, GA, USA)
  69. Lightfoot Films, Inc. (Atlanta, GA, USA)
  70. Life Story Library Foundation (Salt Lake City, UT, USA)
  71. Little Visioneers (Los Angeles, CA, USA)
  72. Mavenjoy Media, LLC (Blue Ridge, GA, USA)
  73. Mil-Tree Veteran Project (Joshua Tree, CA, USA)
  74. Monkfish Book Publishing (Rhinebeck, NY, USA)
  75. Move This World, Inc. (Alexandria, WA, USA)
  76. Music for Veterans (Erie, PA, USA)
  77. Music in Common (Sheffield, MA, USA)
  78. No Asylum (Los Angeles, CA, USA)
  79. One Billion Rising (West Hollywood, CA, USA)
  80. Optimist Theatre (Milwaukee, WI, USA)
  81. Orquesta de Cateura (Ascuncion, Paraguay, South America)
  82. Pals Socks / Hooray Hoopla LLC (Brooklyn, NY, USA)
  83. Pages for Peace (Groton, MA, USA)
  84. Paint Love (Scottdale, GA, USA)
  85. Peace Dragon Project (Old Hickory, TN, USA)
  86. pedrontheworld (Portland, OR, USA)
  87. Penlee House Gallery and Museum (Penzance, UNITED KINGDOM)
  88. Phaphama Initiatives (Soweto, SOUTH AFRICA)
  89. Phoenix Consults (Washington, D.C., USA)
  90. Poetic Justice Project (Santa Maria, CA, USA)
  91. Posts for Peace and Justice (San Diego, CA, USA)
  92. Purple Impression (Fremont, CA, USA)
  93. Reconsider (Dobbs Ferry, NY, USA)
  94. Redwing Contemporary Art Gallery (Penzance, UNITED KINGDOM)
  95. Risking Light: Journeys of Forgiveness (Minneapolis, MN, USA)
  96. River's Edge Arts Alliance (Hudson, MA, USA)
  97. SACHIKO (Minneapolis, MN, USA)
  98. St. Augustine Film Society (Saint Augustine, FL, USA)
  99. Shallal (Penzance, UNITED KINGDOM)
  100. Shimmer the Glowworm (Long Beach, CA, USA)
  101. Sight Sound Spirit (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
  102. Singing for Wellbeing (Newlyn, CT, USA)
  103. Songs That Give (Nashville, TN, USA)
  104. Stonework Play (Leominster, MA, USA)
  105. Stourwater Pictures (Bainbridge Island, WA, USA)
  106. Street Factory Community Interest Company (Plymouth, DEV, United Kingdom)
  107. Studio 3 (Fayetteville, AR, USA)
  108. Subud International Cultural Association (SICA) (Austin, TX, USA)
  109. TACA (Dallas, TX, USA)
  110. TEALarbor stories (Puget Sound, WA, USA)
  111. TED (New York, NY, USA)
  112. Terra Studios (Fayetteville, AR, USA)
  113. The Acorn Community Arts Centre (Penzance, CT, USA)
  114. The Arts of Humanity (Chicago, IL, USA)
  115. The Dallas Opera (Dallas, TX, USA)
  116. The Empathy Network (Bengaluru, Karnataka, India)
  117. The Global Sunrise Project (Toronto, ON, Canada)
  118. The Great Compassion March (N. Tustin, CA, USA)
  119. The Grief Dialogues (Seattle, WA, USA)
  120. The Kentucky Center for Performing Arts (Louisville, KY, USA)
  121. The Mexico Institute (Dallas, TX, USA)
  122. The Red Elephant Foundation (Chennai, India)
  123. Theatre of Wrong Decisions (The Hague, Netherlands)
  124. Theatre La Catapulte (Ottawa, ON, Canada)
  125. The Barber's Daughters  (Toronto, ON, CANADA)
  126. The Compassion Project: An Anthology (Beverly, MA, USA)
  127. The Indra Congress (Plymouth, Devon, United Kingdom)
  128. The Oakland Mind (Oakland, CA, USA)
  129. Through the Veil Productions (Atlanta, GA, USA)
  130. TITAS (Dallas, TX, USA)
  131. tree tunnel (London, UNITED KINGDOM)
  132. Unity Arts Ministry (Lee's Summit, MO, USA)
  133. Village Lights Bookstore (Madison, IN, USA)
  134. Visionary Media, Inc. (Toronto, CANADA)
  135. Voices Around the World (Exmouth, UNITED KINGDOM)
  136. Vuka Uzenzele Pimville Oldies (Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa)
  137. What's Good 206 (Seattle, WA, USA)
  138. While You Were Sleeping: Films for Thought (Claremont, SOUTH AFRICA)
  139. Woman's Exchange of St Augustine Inc.  (St Augustine, FL, USA)
  140. WonHeart, Inc. (Santa Maria, CA, USA)
  141. Word Up Amsterdam (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
  142. YOMAD (Young, Ordinary, and Making A Difference) (London, KEN, United Kingdom)
  143. Youth Equity Stewardship (Brooklyn, NY, USA)
  144. (Marietta, GA, USA)

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