Atria University


Asia’s First Beyonding University

Atria University, Bengaluru, aims to address the challenges of tomorrow by preparing students for careers and opportunities in the future. The University was founded in 2018 by the Atria Group – a reputed South Indian conglomerate, which manages ACT FibernetAtria Power, Atria Hospitality, Atria Education, and Atria Foundation.

The University’s unique model of higher education aims to empower Beyonders who can build sustainable global communities. And, propel businesses and societies to flourish and thrive.

Our ‘future-first' approach

We are committed to empowering students as future world leaders who are: dynamic, resourceful, responsible, and transformative.

Flexible learning pathways and maximum professional opportunities

Our mission is to revolutionize education. Move away from tradition. Keep the focus on students, not the existing system. We enable our students. We do not force them to choose careers and interests. We nurture them. Guide them. Have them explore multiple industries and ecosystems. We bring the real world to them and help them make the most of themselves in a professional ecosystem. We shape our students to be ‘World Visioneers.’ Individuals capable of transcending any challenge – global or personal.

Location: Bangalore, India



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