Empathy Offered



empathy mandala
Empathy, Empathy, Empathy

You have been haunting me

What are you asking of me


Fill the world with empathy!


For days now, I was preoccupied with the Global Community and Empathy which is the fourth step in Karen Armstrong’s Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life. Then I found the following about art in the discussion questions, “Art calls us to recognize our pain and aspirations and to open our mind to others. Art helps us - as it helped the Greeks – to realize we are not alone.” (Page 98, Twelve Steps)

My immediate response to art was to seek one of my mandalas, Fill the World with Love, pictured above. It’s occupied by multiple circles expressing relationships that are connected together, conveying a unified, love-filled Global Community. When I researched the meaning of empathy, I chose Brene Brown’s definition for its message to me, “Empathy is communicating that incredibly healing message of you’re not alone.”

I invite anyone who reads this to journey with me. Envision this mandala as a global map. Beginning at the center, the white dot represents the Divine’s Presence, with seven rays indicating the Presence moving through the mandala, reminding us that we are not alone. As you look at this map, imagine the overwhelming connectivity of the global community. As you imagine, own and understand your feelings, remember we are not alone. Empathy implies we are interconnected as a global community permeated with the Divine Presence.


April 10, 2020

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