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The Boundless Compassion Program was created by Joyce Rupp, along with her Servite Sisters Margaret Stratman and Val Lewandowski. During Boundless Compassion conferences and retreats, participants reflect on the depths and layers of compassion as presented in Joyce Rupp’s award-winning book Boundless Compassion. Topics include compassion as a way of life; self-compassion; and compassion related to suffering, marginalization and creation.

The program presents insights from theology, spirituality, science, sociology and psychology. Presentations, communal prayer, video resources, small group dialogue, and quiet times for reflection are often elements of the programs. While rooted in the life and ministry of Jesus, Boundless Compassion programs are open to persons of all faith traditions.

The Boundless Compassion Program seeks to inspire and encourage compassionate living in both one’s personal and professional life.

Goals and Objectives

To offer a holistic view of compassion

· By presenting views of compassion in the disciplines of science, psychology, sociology and spirituality

· By exploring personal and cultural attitudes toward compassion

To encourage healthy, compassionate self-care

· By teaching and experiencing practices of self-compassion

· By sharing with other participants their struggles and successes

To explore the relationship between suffering and compassion

· By clarifying how one’s approach to personal suffering influences compassion for others

· By cultivating empathy through exploration of both positive and negative responses to suffering

To explore relational approaches needed for compassionate presence

· By learning the qualities and skills of compassionate care

· By offering processes of integration for personal and professional life

To explore wider dimensions of compassion

· By acknowledging and addressing marginalization of persons and groups

· By developing empathy for creation through embracing our interdependence and oneness

To provide creative resources to nurture and sustain compassion

· By offering materials for compassionate living

· By creating a supportive group environment that facilitates sustained growth

Location: Omaha, NE, USA (Certified trained facilitators of the program offer conferences, workshops and retreats in many other cities.) 

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