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Brayden Patterson Productions makes films that help youth question issues, resolve conflicts, and work through dilemmas that are present in our diverse world.

To Inflict

"To Inflict" is an Action/Drama short film about anger. The Film follows a guy named Gage Bladik. It shows some events in his life, and how he deals with each situation. The Film was released in January 2013 in a theater and on DVD.

The film follows a man who’s anger issues threaten to upset the relationships in his life. Themes include that of brotherly love, and the desire to change oneself for another person.

The effects from one person on the road or face to face with anger and emotions can have a profound impact on your day whether it's in the morning before work or school, during lunch or even after the commute is nearing closure for the day. Our film titled "To Inflict" brings you inside the life of two individuals and how it affects both themselves and the lives around them. This story is depicted through a first-hand set of experiences that will make you become more aware of the impact-full nature of the often overlooked topics of anger.


Resolve takes place in a near future United States that has fallen under corrupt martial law. Within the martial law system, the government is targeting people (homeless, immigrants, people of various faiths) and arresting or killing them because they don't fit within the new regime. A young couple, Brooke (Betsy Bowman) and Noah (Nicholas Gianini), who dreamed of changing the world together, find themselves changing the world right around them. They are part of an underground railroad that hides and smuggles people out of the military's reach. 

However, their success has caused them to be noticed and targeted by an Army unit led by Staff Sergeant Eric Thomson (Nick Herra) and Sergeant Melissa Winters (Sarah Baker). So far Brooke and Noah have evaded capture, but luck only lasts so long. 

The film deals with themes like fear, redemption, and sacrifice.

Location: St. Louis, MO, USA

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