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CaoDai Overseas is a non-profit religious organization. The organization was established following an International Caodai Convention held in Southern California, United States, that started in 1993. The convention was the first of it's kind to be held outside of Vietnam. CaoDai is a faith of unity and inclusion. The principle of CoaDai religion is that all religions sprouted from one same Divine origin, have common teachings of love and justice and are just different beautiful manifestations of the same truth.


To organize seminars and meetings for learning about and discussing CaoDai and other religions to promote inner peace and religious understanding and tolerance.

To unite humanity through a common vision of the Supreme Being to promote peace on earth.

To establish charity projects that promote love and compassion for all.

CaoDai, an Interfaith faith is remarkable for its inclusiveness, its harmony, its teaching that all faiths come from ONE Divine Source; that All of us are endowed with a spark of the Divine Spirit and are destined to return to our sublime origin.

The Course on CaoDai has 8 chapters:
1- What is Caodai or the Third Universal Salvation of the Great Dao
2- The Goals of CaoDai
3- Cosmology of CaoDai
4- The Principles of CaoDai
5- On the Path to Light- Fundamentals of Practice
6- The History of the Founding of CaoDai Faith
7- CaoDai organizational and Holy See Structures
8- CaoDai Theology.
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