We are All Guests


We are all guests.


Visiting your in-laws. Staying for a weekend at your friend’s house. Being hosted in a foreign country. Spending time at your siblings’ or parents' home for the holidays. 


As guests there are certain things we can do to make it pleasurable to be hosted. 


We must set aside our desires and individual wants, and spontaneously adapt to the collective rhythm of our hosts.

We must be in the present moment, attentive to the verbal and non-verbal cues. 

We must be flexible and learn to enjoy most any activities. 

We must be frugal in our actions, but able to celebrate. 

We must be able to be nurtured, and to accept ‘gifts’. 

We must be able to reciprocate, and share our ‘gifts’, if and when the time presents itself. 

We must clean up after ourselves.


We are all guests…


The Earth is our host. We must treat the Earth as we treat our in-laws, friends, strangers. We must treat the Earth as we treat our family. 


Only when we learn the laws of nature do we cease being guests.


When this happens the Earth becomes our Home.


Daniel Rudolph


Photo Credit: Pratik Padhye

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