As the development director of the Charter for Compassion, interesting tidbits of information float through my inbox. And this is one example: August is Make-A-Will month. This was news to me and it reminded me of Fred Henry.

First, a few words about Fred. I met Fred early in 2022, when he reached out to say that he would like to volunteer with the Charter for Compassion. We met via Zoom to discuss his talents, his time availability, and some possible projects that he could help move forward. That conversation then led to a couple of other meetings, involving Fred in some editing tasks, and inviting him to participate in the Charter's Gala Gallery with a few pieces of his hand-crafted art.

Early this summer, during our last meeting, Fred shared that he had added the Charter for Compassion to his estate. He included the Charter in his will to make a final gesture of support to further the Charter's mission. I was stunned by Fred's thoughtfulness and generosity. And it got me thinking.

How many of us reading these words right now have the ability to give something to the Charter by including the Charter in our wills? And then, how many of us haven't even drawn up and signed a will? I fall into both of those categories. I have often talked about making a will but I have not yet done so.

Thus, I am pledging to start the estate planning process this month. I also pledge to include the Charter for Compassion as I am divvying up my resources. It is important to me that the Charter's vital work continues to grow, vibrantly and in strength and global reach in the future.

If you are in a position to follow Fred's example, please take that step and share your legacy planning with us at the Charter. If not in August, then perhaps by the end of the year. It is a loving way to ensure that the Charter remains a compassionate force in the world. You can learn more about Legacy Giving here.

Thank you for keeping the Charter strong!

–Susan Soleil 

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