We are excited to share two incredible new projects at the Charter for Compassion: 

The Co-Creators Map and Grassroots Wisdom and Action book.

They are entirely in and of the hands of our members, partners, and community initiatives. Their success will come about because all of us are interested in sharing our stories, good works and we are open to helping one another. I know this is true because you are here. Click on either or both links above, to find out more.

We've already started group meetings to dialogue on how to continue participating in both projects. Once you get involved, I believe you'll see how they connect. For the Grassroots Wisdom Book, we are looking for projects that can be replicated. What wonderful project is happening in your town that can be redesigned to be offered in another community? For example, look at Sweet Potato Comfort Pie which is being run in Minneapolis. Why not a Barazek cookie conversation break, if you are in Jordan, or a Churros and Chocolate Chat if you are in Mexico? You get the picture. We want to gather hundreds of good news stories that we can share. Help us reach the tipping point by inviting everyone with a passion for compassion that we know, to get registered on the map and to share their stories in the Grassroots Wisdom Book.

When you visit the book on our website, you will see a book in progress, but not a site under construction. We are writing the book right in front of you. By the way, remember that you can be one of the authors? Check out some of the stories already posted in: arts, communities, and education.

Share your passion and your stories, we need them. Register on the map, submit a story and join us in our upcoming Chat.

With warm regards,

Marilyn Turkovich.

Community Chat—June 30th

Come along on Zoom and chat with us. We want to get to know one another—those of us working in community initiatives, members, and partners—it helps to know your friends in this very serious as well as fun adventure of spreading compassion. We will have two different sessions on June 30th so we can reach our global community. Please mark on your calendars and join us! 

Register for 7 am PDT / 4 pm CEST / 7.30 pm IST / 12 am AEST (July 1)

Register for 3 pm PDT / 12 am CEST (July 1) / 3.30 am IST (July 1) / 8 am AEST (July 1)

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