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I'm Taking a Chance


I think I'm going to do something crazy here. We've been working on a script that we will be using in a video about the Charter for Compassion. We've been tweeting words, removing sentences and even whole paragraphs. I think we've been to the "drawing table" four times and changed focus a few times. Below is our latest version. The video is to help potential funders get to know the Charter, and our work in 3 minutes.

Would you have thought that we are running on the thinnest of fumes to keep the Charter running smoothly? For instance, for every Global Read we offer each month, about 40% of our audience donates. We produced and ran our Golden Rule Day webcast on April 5th, and we received just under $400 in donations. The audience for that particular event was close to 50,000 (and it is still running on Facebook). I don't want to say that we are taken for granted because these are indeed hard times, and while we need to find ways that enable us to sustain ourselves, there are many among you that have committed to monthly donations that support our work. How about you judge our script. Here it is (use your imagination to see the images):

A lot has happened in the 10 years since the Charter for Compassion was founded. It has grown to become the largest network in the global compassionate movement.

The Charter for Compassion has a BOLD, AUDACIOUS vision for our planet. Compassion as the path to a world that is peaceful, just, joyful, and works for all life.

Our world is at a tipping point as pervasive, serious crises surround us. At the same time, people are awakening worldwide—seeking a more equitable and compassionate world. However, many lack the structure to connect, to grow strong and to take charge of transforming our planet.

The Charter offers a global structure to become visible to each other and connect.

So - what does our work look like in action - at three levels?

At the individual level, we offer cutting edge courses that cultivate empathy and core human values. We have brought compassionate learning programs to hundreds of schools and universities. Our partners around the globe have also set up model Compassionate Schools—creating caring and collaborative environments that help students thrive.

The Charter is also focused on delivering impact at the community level. Through our Compassionate Cities movement, more than 400 communities in 54 countries have pledged to focus on open dialogue, understanding and inclusion. Motivated by compassion, people at the grassroots level are working on innovative initiatives that address local needs.

In Belfast, Northern Ireland, volunteers are hosting Compassionate Cafés to heal political and religious divides. Compassionate Pune, India, is connecting local farmers with organic produce to markets that pay them a fair price. In San Pedro, Mexico, Las Madrinas, the godmothers, are rebuilding lives—one roof at a time. In Karachi, Compassionate Pakistan is creating Women Empowerment Zones for skill building. And Compassionate Las Vegas volunteer teams create partnerships between the police and faith-based organizations that have led to dramatic reductions in shootings.

We amplify the good work happening in these local communities by being a global connector. We bring together 2800 partners, supporting organizations, and people worldwide so they can learn from each other, share best practices, and co-create solutions for a compassionate world.
The Charter for Compassion has sparked a powerful movement for planetary transformation.

We invite you to join us. Compassion isn't just a warm feeling - it's an urgent call to action. Visit our site, explore and find a path to commit. Investing in compassion is investing in a better future - for ourselves and our next generations.

Therefore, if you support anything, shouldn't it be the Charter for Compassion?

What do you think? What would you change? Would you validate us with a contribution to the Charter based on these words? We will share with you the finished product when it comes out, probably in another three months or so. In the meantime, if you think the work we do, whether through education programming or working with communities is worth challenging the way things have been, or if you too are working for a better, more just and compassionate world, will you lend a hand? PLEASE DONATE HERE.

Want to view past Global Reads? Learn about new Education Institute offerings? Or consider making your community a compassionate one, or experience our monthly cities forum? We are here to help and continue the work that is most important and leads to a transformed world.

We are here because of you.

With warmest regards,


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