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Exciting News! Putting out a call for Courses: The Environment

The Education Institute is seeking applications for 2020, for on-line courses relating to the Environment.All the details are at the bottom of this page. Scroll on down!

With the Charter for Compassion at the heart of all we do, we invite all people to join us in making compassion the driving force as we work to alleviate the suffering of our fellow beings and help create a just economy and a peaceful global community. Our courses are authored by uniquely skilled contributors who share tools and strategies to cultivate self-compassion, compassion for others, and compassionate action. CEI is supported by tuition costs and as an arm of the Charter for Compassion, CEI contributes its net income to support the operations of the Charter.

The offerings of the Charter for Compassion Institute are in three categories: Signature courses, Featured courses and Affliliated Courses.

Signature2The Charter signature courses are designed to explore the complexities of compassion from various perspectives. Compassion is a humongous topic that has been around for thousands of years, dating back to the philosophy of Confucius. The Essence of Compassion is one of four courses the Charter for Compassion Education Institute will be offering on the topic of compassion. While The Essence of Compassion is the recommended first course in our signature series, the other courses to follow will be on The Charter for Compassion and its global work, The Science of Kindness and Compassion, and Creating a Compassionate Action Plan. Participation in all four courses of the series will earn you a certificate of completion.

Click here to learn more about the Signature courses and registration information

 Featured2The work of the Charter of Compassion is concerned with understanding and acting on compassion for self, others and the earth. Therefore Featured Courses are designed to augment development in the context of these three areas. The objectives of each course are skill based and help answer pertinent questions of the theme being presented.

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 Affiliated2Each year, a number of courses are offered in conjunction with partners to the Charter for Compassion.  Organizations such as Spirituality and Practice and The Dialogue Institute regularly share their coursework with Charter participants and in turn provide a minimum fee to the Charter in exchange for our members involvement. 

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Charter for Compassion Education Institute Opportunities


The Education Institute is seeking applications for 2020, for on-line courses relating to the Environment. Topics might include, but are not limited to:

  • Climate change issues including weather change patterns, threatened food production issues, catastrophic events like flooding that threaten geographical areas, greenhouse gases, and the changing chemistry of the oceans
  • air and water, quality and concerns
  • Environmental impacts on animal and plant populations and human health
  • The impact on geographical location of communities and their inhabitants, and its affects on migration and refugee issues

We recommend that courses address not only basic knowledge of environmental issues, but also on the steps that citizens and communities can and have taken to combat climate problems. How can compassion for the environment become a tool for living in these troubled times? Courses should be designed for basic knowledge instruction, for participants with no former or minimal knowledge of the subjects. 

Interested instructors can complete a preliminary application with the following link:

With further questions, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We are excited about course offerings for 2020. We invite you to bring your proven skills, knowledge and courses to our global compassion classrooms. Let us know if you have such a course that should be considered.  If so, please learn more and complete this quick online application for consideration with our panel. Click Here.

The Charter Education Institute is looking for volunteers who would like to join our virtual team to help support us with administration for our online education platform, assist in learning how to populate our on-line process or who can help with graphic design.  Please contact if you want to help us spread compassion training on a global level.

Directors of the Education Institute are Olivia McIvor and Nancy Bray. To contact the Education Institute, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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