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    The Long Room at Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland)

    You're here because, like most of us, you like to read a good book. The Global Read aims to make it easy to do just that. We've selected books that bring awareness to the theme of compassion and relate to one or more of the Charter's twelve sectors. You will have the opportunity to hear directly from the book's author in a live webinar format.

    Better yet, you're given the chance to interact with the author and ask questions and/or comment on their book.

    Please tell your friends about us - and form your own small group for dialogue. Then be sure to register and join us for our live event.

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    The Upcoming Global Reads

    Sand Talk - How Indigenous Thinking can Save the World

    by Tyson Yunkaporta
    NEW Date and Time!
    Tuesday May 4, 2021, 6 p.m. Pacific Time;
    Wednesday May 5, 2021, 2 a.m. London-GMT/6:30 a.m. India-IST/11 a.m. Sydney, Australia-AEST

    Cost: Suggested donation $10 US. Should this be beyond your reach, we’re happy to offer it to you free.

    Registration now open!

    Sand Talk


    This remarkable book is about everything from echidnas to evolution, cosmology to cooking, sex and science and spirits to Schrödinger’s cat.

    As an indigenous person, Tyson Yunkaporta looks at global systems from a unique perspective, one tied to the natural and spiritual world. In considering how contemporary life diverges from the pattern of creation, he raises important questions. How does this affect us? How can we do things differently?

    In this thoughtful, culturally rich, mind-expanding book, he provides answers.




    Education for Survival
    The pedagogy of Compassion

    Edited by Maurice Irfan Coles with Bill Gent

    Friday May 28, 2021, 8 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time
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    Cost: Suggested donation $10 US. Should this be beyond your reach, we’re happy to offer it to you free.

    Education Survival CoverOur survival depends upon creating a compassionate world and an education system that incorporates compassion for self, for others and for the planet.

    Sixteen authors present a comprehensive analysis of compassion and the political character of pedagogy. Drawing upon new scientific findings about how the brain works and their understanding of the political nature of pedagogy, they offer a scientific, spiritual and educational rationale for curriculum and societal change. The result is this blueprint for survival, illustrated with numerous practical examples.

    Marilyn Turkovich, Executive Director of the Charter for Compassion writes in her introduction to the book,

    There is both inspiration and challenge in the pages you are about to read. You will experience moments that will bring forth deep reflection and hopefully encouragement for further investigation into how compassion is grounded not only in science, but is core to understanding how we can act with care and respect as we move responsibly and continuously to educate ourselves and guide future generations.

    More Information and Registration coming soon!


    Apeirogon - The Novel

    by Colum McCann

    Wednesday August 25 2021 at 7 a.m. Pacific Time; London-BST 3 p.m.; Bangalore-IST 7:30 p.m.
    Thursday August 26 2021 at 12 a.m. Sydney Aus-AEDT

    Cost: Suggested donation $10 US. Should this be beyond your reach, we’re happy to offer it to you free.

    Registration: Opening Soon!

    ApeirogonBassam Aramin is Palestinian. Rami Elhanan is Israeli. They inhabit a world of conflict that colors every aspect of their daily lives, from the roads they are allowed to drive on, to the schools their daughters, Abir and Smadar, each attend, to the checkpoints, both physical and emotional, they must negotiate.

    Their worlds shift irreparably after ten-year-old Abir is killed by a rubber bullet and thirteen-year-old Smadar becomes the victim of suicide bombers. When Bassam and Rami learn of each other's stories, they recognize the loss that connects them and they attempt to use their grief as a weapon for peace.

    McCann crafts Apeirogon out of a universe of fictional and nonfictional material. He crosses centuries and continents, stitching together time, art, history, nature, and politics in a tale both heartbreaking and hopeful.


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