Handvest voor Compassie (Netherlands)


AlblasAd Alblas has been actively involved in the Charter for Compassion since its launch in 2009. Together with rabbi A.S. Soetendorp he was involved in the signing of the charter by the B&W college of Leiden. He has since chaired the Platform with the task of continuously and broadly implementing the charter in the city. As a pastor, he has been active in Leiden for 30 years and received the medal of honor from the city of Leiden for compassionate activities.

GravenbeekAstrid Gravenbeek joined the compassion network in 2016. Before 2017 she worked for years in the broadcast industry in a television news environment.

The confrontation with the sometimes long, stream of bad news, made her move in the direction of compassion. At the moment she is working in the field of Privacy Protection, and one of the members of the board of the Dutch Charter for Compassion Foundation.

HeerikhuizenLucas van Heerikhuizen helped set up the website for the compassion website. Since 2017 he also helps out maintaining and expanding the technical part of the website and supporting technologies like online campaigns. He currently works as a front-end developer in the FinTech sector, but his background in religious studies still keeps him engaged when it comes to matters of compassion. He likes to support the team technically while they think about how to promote the cause of compassion and always likes to ask (sometimes hard) questions about how that can best be done.

LamersGerte Lamers. Since the launch of the Charter for Compassion in 2009 in the Netherlands, Gerthe has been involved in the movement. She organized the Compassion Prize in 2014 in her hometown Lochem. In the same year she became Chair of the new Dutch foundation Handvest voor Compassie NL. She has also been involved with the Parliament of the Worlds Religions (PWR) since 2009 and is a member of the Dutch Network of PWR.

Gerthe is a pioneer and has been at the cradle of many cultural and social projects in her hometown Lochem. In the past she worked as a teacher at the Waldorfschool in Zutphen, online-editor for Zinweb, a website about religion and spirituality, and as a culture broker for the municipality of Lochem. Gerthe studied philosophy, theology and religion studies.

LiefaardTon Liefaard has been involved in the activities of Stichting Handvest voor Compassie Nederland since May 2016 as member and Secretary of the board.

From 1974 until 2015 he worked in several high-schools, first as a music teacher and from 1989 as principal of a high school in Amstelveen (near Amsterdam). He came in contact with the Charter in 2010, when his school was working together with the Charter Foundation in the Netherlands when the Children’s Charter for Compassion was launched at the TEDxyouthe Amsterdamon the 20th of November 2010. After he had retired in 2015 he started as coach and supervisor especially for educational leaders and teachers.

LindemanKarin Lindeman-Boere joined the support team of the Dutch Charter for Compassion Foundation in 2018. She is a well versed community leader with great understanding of humans being indigenous to Mother Earth and being interrelated with natural ecosystems, its foundations and guiding principles. Compassion in Dialogue is a great tool for transcending the challenges Humanity faces in its transition to Oneness consciousness and being part of One Human Family.

Her thorough feel for community building, traditional matriarchal structures and healing with compassion in the core of thriving communities, she chooses to work with a focus on woman community leaders and indigenous grandmothers empowering the young ones to speed up our transition to unity and peace.

Karin is chairwoman of Four World Europe.

NeomagusMonica Neomagus has been involved in the Charter-work since the launch in November 2009.
Since then she helped organizing several activities related to the Charter, such as courses/lectures on compassion, a concert for compassion, a video on young people & compassion and a book of stories of compassion set in Amsterdam.
Together with several others she started the Dutch Charter for Compassion Foundation in September 2014.
She’s a member of the board of this Foundation and responsible for the annual Dutch Compassion Award.

Her theological training made her aware of the importance of the interreligious dialogue. In the past she taught a course on world religions to primary-school children and initiated the creation of the program “Parents in Dialogue,” in which parents with different religious backgrounds share their ideas on important values in relation to bringing up children.
She currently works in the field of education with special attention for the relationship between parents & school.

Anand Swami PersaudAnand Swami Persaud joined the support team of the Dutch Charter for Compassion Foundation in 2012. During, and after a serious conflict with his neighbor Anand realized that empathy and compassion are the best tools to end most of the conflicts. About the conflict with his neighbor he is now writing a book about empathy and compassion to create more awareness.

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