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stevepaxSteve Kramer, Firm Believer in the Power of the Human Spirit

Steve Kramer has a degree in physics, and has spent the time since wandering the world trying to find his place in it. He has explored many avenues of endeavor, primarily guided by a need to avoid expertise. He has done everything from being a Microsoft Support Technician to being a Holistic Healer; from Webmaster to ride attendant at Universal Studios. His last “real” job was as a Lifeguard at a Health Club. If forced to a label, he now calls himself a Writer /Photographer /Healer. In his explorations (most recently an attempt to hike the Appalachian Trail), he has seen the best and the worst of the human condition, and has committed himself to shifting the balance to the “Best” side. PAX Nation is and attempt to use the wonder that is the internet to erase borders, bringing like minded people together in united effort. No idea is merit-less, and every idea holder deserves a chance to pursue their idea. PAX Nation is intend to be the support structure for the downtrodden and overlooked (as well as any who need an extra hand).

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