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How to Start A Congress of Women
Friday, March 05, 2021, 10:00am - 12:00pm

Pacific Time

This class is dynamic and explores the opportunities to change the patterns of leadership that keep us stuck in old patriarchal manners of organizing. This requires new skill sets, new habits and a new belief of the power we have to shift the conversation and therefore accelerate solutions and advance restorative, regenerative change that works for everyone. 

A Congress of Women is a template that is as new as it is ancient for circle and organization development. 

Member Congresses join us in contributing to the collective voice of grassroots women, arguably one of the most impactful voices and power of change. We address each of the UN Beijing 12 Critical Areas of Action through the lens of our interdependent nature. Utilizing Sacred Economy, Circle Principles, Sacred Action, Sacred Geometry and Agreements for Care and Caregiving, a Congress of Women is a model whose time has come if we are to accelerate solutions to our world's problems. 

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