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August Listening Circle: Self-Discovery by YCC
Wednesday, July 28, 2021, 08:00am - 10:00am

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Join our upcoming Listening Circle: Self-Discovery.

After having a successful Listening Circle in May of this year addressing Compassion & Adaptation during COVID, Youth Compassion Collaborative (YCC) is once again hosting the same safe space to hear and share ways we put to practice Self-Discovery in our lives.

Youth Compassion Collaborative (The Charter's new youth Group Initiative) is hosting a safe space to hear and share ways on how we can explore ourselves and embrace self-discovery, with a lens of self-compassion wondering about our passions, motivations, and purpose.

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We'll explore: Our Passions, Motivation, and Purpose Through the following questions:

What are your passions? Is there any activity you could happily spend hours doing and lose track of time?

What gets you out of a rut? What gives you motivation? What activities/ skills/strengths can you start pursuing right away which you think will lead you closer to your purpose?


About Youth Compassion Collab:


We are a bunch of youth from around the world (Gen-Z & Millennials) reaching out to everyone and anyone between ages 15-35, who want to listen to others as well as have their voice be heard, when talking about compassion, especially Self-Compassion and Self-Discovery during this past year.

We know that each of our stories, experiences, and voices are real and valid.

Which is why we want to hear from you!

We are hosting online listening circles (think of it as a gathering around a fire if you were camping, or hanging out at the park, if we all lived in the same city and COVID wasn’t a thing) where we’ll discuss Self-Compassion & Self-Discovery by answering some thought provoking questions. You’ll get to meet other people around the world, of the same age group, who care about compassion and know how empowering it can be if we channel it for the good of our own communities.

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