All opportunities announced below are solely volunteer positions with the Charter for Compassion (CFC), an international non profit organization devoted to making the world a better place for all life. The Charter has twelve sectors of operation. Our primary work is twofold: helping to facilitate compassionate communities, and providing education on compassion and related subjects. There is a volunteer online orientation course which provides an overview of how we work. In addition, volunteers are encouraged to participate in our Monday weekly meetings, 8:30 am PST. Volunteers may take Charter Education Institute classes after having volunteered with the Charter for four months.

Students with secondary and post secondary status are invited to join us in our work to fulfill service or internship qualifications. A supervisor/mentor will be assigned to help with your orientation and to oversee your work.

We can’t do this alone... it takes people power to maintain and expand our network and respond to the needs of our compassionate communities and global partners. Do you know that the Charter for Compassion exists with the generous support of a growing group of international volunteers, and only five full-time people? As the number of our communities and partners expands, we need to increase our volunteer staff and services more than ever. Here are some of the areas in which you can help:

Bookkeeping Assistant

CFC is looking for someone to help to prepare accounts that result from monthly payouts, transactions with our fiscal partners, reporting on stock accounts for the bookkeeper. Preparing and filing for local, state and national reports is also a part of this position. A commit-ment of approximately 3-4 hours per month is needed, working with Office Manager.

Coordinator for Books/Film Annotated Bibliographies

CFC is inviting a devoted reader who may contribute by recommending books that speak directly or indirectly to compassion and the attributes of compassion (i.e., altruism, empathy, happiness, kindness, resilience, mindfulness, self-compassion). You might find that you've found an extraordinary book and you want to do a review of that book. If you write a review, we can post it on Facebook (both our general and book club pages), possibly publish it as an article or blog on the Charter website, and in-clude it in one of our annotated bibliographies. The same applies for films. This could be one volunteer position or two, depending on interests and available time.

A commitment of approximately 4 hours per month is needed, working with the Office Manager.

Data Entry/Maintenance Assistant

CFC uses a CiviCRM database and is going through a platform transition and we are looking for help in “cleaning up” our existing data base and assistance in maintaining its function. CiviCRM experience would be wonderful, but training can be provided. A commitment of approximately 4-6 hours per week is needed, working with our Office Manager.

Charter Salon Coordinator

Charter Salons are events were individual CFC members bring together people who may be interested in the concept of CFC, its mission and vision and subsequent work. Through Charter Salons we hope to in-spire and motivate participants to affirm the Charter and invite them to become members or partners, or to become involved with compassionate community initiatives. Also, Salons act as a important grassroots fundraising activity for the Charter. A commitment of approximately 4-6 hours per month is needed, working with the Development Director.

Cities and Community Support

Help us grow involvement in CFC by assisting in responding to inquiries made of the Charter about becoming or sustaining a compassionate city or community. Work with the Cities/Partner Coordinator to communicate on a regular schedule with registered communities, help plan webinars, and provide follow-up to meetings as required. A commitment of approximately 4-6 hours per month is needed.

Conference/Event Planning Assistant

While CFC does not sponsor conferences on its own, we help by co-sponsoring and participating in other major events hosted by our partner organizations. For example, we help organize the Parliament of World Religions, and participate in the International Centre for Communication in Healthcare Conference (Hong Kong), Compassion, Innovation and Creativity Conference (Western Connecticut State University), Encuentros Mundial de Valores (Monterrey, Mexico) and the MIND Conference (University of Utrecht, Netherlands). Each of these events requires a great deal of planning from organizing workshops to organizing booths and preparing materials for distribution. A commitment of approximately 8 hours per month is needed, working with the ED.

Development Networker

We are looking for people who are willing to connect the Charter with people of affluence and influence. You will work closely with the Development Director. It is very mission focused and network driven.

Instructional Design Assistant

CFC operates a Charter Education Institute (CEI). The majority of our self-directed courses are on the Ruzuku platform. Course instructors need assistance in getting their courses up on the platform. Ruzuku is an easy and effective platform with which to work and training will be provided. A commitment of 6-8 hours per month is needed, working with the CEI Lead.

Marketing Assistant

The Charter needs help in growing our base of supporters. general, we need someone to help us gather analytics from our website and social media platforms and help us design a plan to extend our geographic and demographic base. A commitment of 4 hours a month is needed, working with the Marketing & Social Media Director.

Newsletter Writer and Re-porter

The Charter publishes one general weekly newsletter and additional periodic communications. CFC works on a strict timeline to meet our deadlines. Most assigned articles are given a week’s turnaround. A commitment of 4-6 hours per month needed, working with the Office Manager.

Proposal Writer

CFC seeks help in identifying potential funding sources, writing LOI’s, RFP’s and writing proposals. A commitment of approximately 8-10 hours per month is needed, working with the ED and Development Di-rector.

Sector Team Member

Interested in being involved in our partner network (i.e., arts, education, environment, healthcare, gender relationships, religion/spirituality/inter-faith, restorative justice, science and research, social justice, social services)? We need volunteers to help contact organizations who might be interested in becoming partner members. In addition, we need volunteers who are interested in helping to maintain and update our Compassion Books. We have a Compassion Reader for each of our sectors. Report to Sector Lead Coordi-nators.

Social Media Assistant

CFC maintains a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok accounts. Postings are done at least twice each day. Additional help is needed to maintain CFCs presence on all social media platforms. A commitment of approximately 8 hours per month is needed, working with the Marketing & Social Media Director.

Store Manager

CFC seeks help in our effort to expand and diversify our merchandise in our online store. This is helping us take a good idea and make it even better. A commitment of approximately 4-6 hours per month is needed, working with the Marketing & Social Media Director and Office Manager.

Youtube/Spotify Coordinator

CFC is looking for a coordinator of our YouTube channel which currently contains more than 150 videos. Additional playlists and content material need to be added to the channel. A commitment of approximately 4-6 hours per month is needed, working with the Marketing & Social Media Director.

Website Maintenance Assistant

CFC’s platform for the website is Joomla. We need help in updating our site and adding new pages on a regular basis. A prerequisite to taking on this volunteer position is knowledge of Joomla or some comparable platform. Hours can vary, but 8 hours a month would be helpful.

Wikipedia Researcher and Writer

CFC is looking for people to update the Charter for Compassion Wikipedia page and keep it current. A commitment of approximately 4-6 hours per month, working with the Office Manager.

Zoom Tech Assistant

CFC offers a wide variety of programs via Zoom, such as our Global Read programs, webinars and courses. We are looking for someone to help us with online tech assistance, in setting up Zoom meetings, providing support in opening meetings, break out rooms etc.

A commitment of approximately 2-4 hours per week is needed, with flexibility, working with our Program Coordinator.

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