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Ehimetalor Ekhere Unuabona,

Creating a compassionate community, city, neighborhood, village, etc. takes a time, a lot of patience and stick-to-it-ness. It all starts out with having a good team of people who understand themselves and others with whom they are working.  That is why we recommend that you participate in CIT4Teams.  This is a self-directed hybrid course that involves at least 4-5 Zoom meetings with other teams taking the course and about the same amount of time spent in conversation and learning with your own team. Click on the box below to learn more about CIT. 

Open Space Technology session(s) is our next recommendation to help with the team building and issue identification of your initiative.  Open Space has been around for many years but not nearly enough people have participated in the process. You need time, probably 3 hours or so in the beginning, to begin working with the process.  Giving time and reflection and then putting your ideas into action is a great way to solidify your team.

Next, we have a course that incorporates core design principles (CDPs) of Pro Social and the work the Charter initially did with the University of Kansas’ Community Tool Box.  The course is discovering the tools in the toolbox and an experiential journey of working with the CDPs so that you in turn can use them in building the effectiveness of your initiative.

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