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Jason Leung,

What Are the Steps for Creating a Compassionate Community?

Any individual, group, or organization that recognizes the need for greater compassion in a community is encouraged to begin the process for creating a Compassionate Community.  While the Charter does not prescribe any one path, it does recommend that the process be designed and carried out by a diverse and inclusive coalition of people so that all voices within the community are heard, and the significant issues are addressed.

The cities and communities that sign on to become Compassionate Cities and Communities have often begun their work by identifying the issues that are troubling the community and need to be addressed through compassionate action. For example, a community may discover a significant issue related to social justice-- for women, for immigrants, or for some other marginalized group. Other communities may want to address issues of drug use, gang violence, the lack of equitable healthcare, or the effects of environmental racism. Others may decide to work to provide empowerment to youth or to educate their communities about the need for compassion in addressing environmental issues.

Ten Steps to Take

This checklist of 10 suggested steps was developed for those who want to organize a Compassionate City or Community, but it may also be useful to any group organizing for social change and development.

1. Bring together a group of people who are open to identifying “discomforts” in your community. [See the PDF: "Two Activities for Community Collaboration"]

2. Discover already-existing programs that are dealing with local programs and celebrate their successes. [See the PDF: "Two Activities for Community Collaboration"]

3. Invite people to join you in assessing your community. [See the PDF: "Two Activities for Community Collaboration"]

4. Analyze challenges and opportunities, choose an initial focus.

5. Create short and long-term objectives and action plans.

6. Share ideas and plans with local government and work for a public resolution and affirmation of the Charter for Compassion.

7. Launch a kickoff event to widely publicize your plans and begin implementation of action plans around focus area(s).

8. Monitor and measure your progress, and continue planning.

9. Communicate within the community on a regular basis and reach out to share globally.

10. Compare your goals and actions against the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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