A Turkey Awakened My Soul

A real-life story from Beverly Warren, written by Frank Lane.

Each year I like to write a Thanksgiving story, but this year nothing came forth until I called my dear friend Beverly to wish her happy birthday and she ended up giving me a present! An extraordinary Thanksgiving story!

Beverly was visiting a friend on a farm in Tennessee. She was abruptly awakened at daybreak to a flock of Turkeys scuffling outside. Curious, she found her way into the farmyard after bundling up for the cold weather. In the overcast of the morning, she found what all the commotion was about; a female Turkey was in the process of dying.

As an animal lover and concern for all that suffer, Beverly inspected the failing bird to see if there was any comfort she could oblige in its apparent demise.

She later found out that a larger predatory bird had caused the eventual death of this Turkey but felt a responsibility to be with this suffering bird until its last breath. She stood close to give comfort as the turkey made her transition.

Completely unexpected, this turkey's friends somehow were called to gather in reverence of this bird's passing. Beverly watched her take her last breath and close her eyes, never to open again, at least in the body that was no more pulsing with blood.