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By Frank Lane of

Vegan Jainism 1The giants of the Vegan Movement attended the International Jaina Convention July 4-7th at the Ontario Convention Center.  There was perfect alignment with the Jain philosophy of Ahimsa; doing no harm and veganism.

Dr. Will Tuttle came in blazing with compassion for all sentient beings subjected to animal slavery.  Dr. Sailesh Rao rang the alarm for climate change as a result of animal agriculture and gave a vegan solution called Climate Healers.  The former Vice-President of Citibank, Phillip Wollen had over 3000 attendees on the edge of their social responsibility as Jains.  Frank Lane representing the Interfaith Vegan Coalition spoke at different venues advocating for Vegan Spirituality and In Defense of Animals.

Michael Klaper, MD, the Physician for the Planet was encouraged to find that many Jains have made the connection of a plant-based diet as an enlightening path of ethical and social responsibility.  There was a sticker that said “Every Jain Should Be Vegan” that went viral there, placed over everyone’s heart.

For almost everyone, the realization was overwhelming for the shared sanctity of life, now that veganism is one of the fastest growing social movements on the planet.  Plant-based food stocks, movies, and vegan athletes have set new records of success. Keynote speakers Ingrid Newkirk of PETA grabbed everyone’s attention and Phillip Wollen bowled us over by advocating for this ethical social revolution by putting an end to animal slavery.   

Vegan Jainism 2pngThis Jaina Convention had its participants in their glory, honoring Bhagwan Mahavira, the propagator of dharma, who revived Jainism, 2,600 years ago, and abandoned all worldly possessions at the age of 30 and left home in pursuit of spiritual awakening.   Indeed, all attendees were being awakened, especially to the attributes of a plant-based life-style said Mahesh Wadher the president of the Jaina Convention, that praised his volunteer support to this end.

Mahavira would often break his fasts with traditional animal milk.  That was then, but now Dr. Will Tuttle Author of The World Peace Diet reveals dairy cows have never been “well cared for and loved” neither 2,600 years ago or now… He says, it was a meat-eating, dairy-eating culture, and the 2 go together, and they were owned as property – but consciousness is raising to illuminate the virtues of non-violence in what is becoming compassionately a plant-based world.

Today many Jain scholars and activists support veganism in opposition to the modern commercialized production of dairy products that involve violence against farm animals. So on this July 4th and always, the Jain’s advocate Independence for all beings. 

Many groups and religious organizations are becoming activists against the devastatingly violent horrors to animals, that seems a part of our daily lives, making us blindly complicit. 

These atrocities reflect a farm animal’s life of continual rape, sexual assault, forced masturbation, and impregnated to endlessly and unnaturally produce dairy products, until its body exhausts in death, then eaten.

 “Milk today comes from enslaved animals that are incessantly raped and tortured during a life of incarceration.  Most despicably, baby veal calves are torn away from their traumatized mothers.  It is this mass animal cruelty that has become a holocaust of suffering, especially to the females,” says Sonya Richins, executive director of Wild Heart Sanctuary that has rescued Wild Mustangs from economic execution. 

Vegan Jainism 3pngIn celebration of Independence Day at the Jaina Conference, these Mustangs are symbols of Americana’s Freedom but are destined to slaughter by the very organization that was appointed for their preservation; Bureau of Land Management (BLM). 

Jains are known for their predominantly peaceful lifestyle that avoids harm to animals. This includes compassion for all life and its ideals are opposed to the animal and dairy industry’s holocaust of abject suffering to animal beings. Jains are finding more healthy alternatives now in ayurvedic practices…..such as coconut oil instead of ghee or butter. Alternatively, stevia leaf and maple syrup can be used instead of honey because the bees are almost extinct and most honey is full of toxins and manufactured with sugars and dyes.

Phillip Wollen says a cat, dog, cow, or horse are beings like us that want to live in peace.  Further, Sonya Richins says “The Wild Mustang is not only the symbol of American Freedom but actually great teachers to our innate wisdom of who we really are.”

The aphorism Parasparopagraho Jīvānām has been accepted as the motto of Jainism, meaning: "The function of souls is to help one another."  Which is also the similar theme of the book Be In Heaven Now, by Frank Lane about abstaining from animal products as a dynamic spiritual practice of non-violence for enlightenment.
Vegan Jainism 4png“Consuming dairy products today is a defilement of the spiritual seeker's body temple because of the holocaust of torture for the dairy animals. Dairy is scary for everyone,” Frank explains.

The social detriment of animal enslavement would be no different than using slaves, children, sex trafficking or forced labor.  Our blindness to any sentient being’s suffering is akin to woman's plight in a male-dominated world, leading to all social injustice is the sentiment of Marilyn Turkovich of Charter for Compassion.

This is what Albert Einstein meant when he said: “A society can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”  This genius saw clearly a paramount way of life for our liberation and self-realization.

The Interfaith Vegan Coalition and millions of vegans support the Jain philosophy by supreme dharma of "Ahimsa" or non-violence. When animal products are avoided and not used for food or clothing it is an awakening to the state of moksha or liberation.

Author Frank Lane is celebrating 33 years of vegan activism and compassionate Ahimsa leading to an exalted life of higher love.  His new book and video at are life-shifting. He found the Jains living his book Be In Heaven Now in a pool of harmonizing loving kindness.

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