A Happy Conservation Story

A Happy Conservation Story

It is refreshing to see a positive conservation story, especially one on this scale.

While poaching is running rampant in other parts of Africa, wildlife populations are increasing in Namibia.


Local communities are seeing benefits from protecting their wildlife. Revolutionary, unique conservation efforts brought about a country-wide increase of rhino, desert-adapted lion, elephant and other threatened fauna.

It’s absolutely amazing—conservation by the people, for the people. And it works! It’s refreshing to see a positive conservation story.

Click here to view one of the shorts Andy Maser and I made for World Wildlife Fund.

Namibia is home to the greatest wildlife recovery story ever told.

Since its birth just over two decades ago, the country of Namibia has shown the world how to ensure Africa’s natural legacy while expanding livelihoods. “Pride of Namibia” tells the story of communities committed to protecting wildlife, of a nation that has enshrined conservation into its constitution, and of the future of responsible travel—tourism that directly benefits the people who give wildlife freedom to roam.

Andy wrote on his latest Instagram post of a leopard:

“Leopard in #Namibia from a recent shoot for World Wildlife Fund with Jenny Nichols. Revolutionary, unique conservation efforts have essentially ended poaching and brought about a country-wide increase of rhino, desert-adapted lion, elephant and other threatened fauna. The essence of the program? When local populations benefit from wildlife, they’re inspired to protect it. Refreshing to see conservation work on this scale! @natgeocreative #wildlife #R3D #africa #nature #conservation #leopard”

Original article: www.elephantjournal.com

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