Compassion Today! A NEW Mobile App for 3D Compassion!

Compassion Today! A NEW Mobile App for 3D Compassion!

Compassion Today! A NEW Mobile App for 3D Compassion!

**Gift Exchange Idea**

Download the "Compassion Today!" app for FREE (see below)!  In exchange, "pay it forward." Donate $5 or more to the Charter for Compassion International.  Give the gift of compassion to the world!  Click here to donate. 

Available NOW for iPhones, iPads, & Android smartphones, tablets.

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To download and install the FREE app, click on the banner above or use the QR scan code. Then click on the Apple or Google Play app store option.  **When you download, be sure to allow "push notifications" so you can receive simple 3D compassion reminders and info on the latest app features, updates, etc. (See the Important Instructions below.) 

Let's "app-ly" compassion! 


DOWNLOADING THE APP:   The app is FREE and available NOW via Apple and Google Play app stores.  Another option is the "web-based" app.  The web-based version does not require download via the app stores, however, the web-based app has a few limitations to some of the app functions.  

APP UPDATES for iOS MOBILE DEVICES (iPhone, iPad):  When you 1st download the app on your iOS device, you will get the latest version of the app.  Subsequently, when you use the app, it is important to "refresh" the app to ensure you have the most current version, including any app updates.  You will want the most current app version since there will be new highlights on the app from time to time.  Make it a habit to "refresh" your app.  This is easy and quick to do!  Actually, it is a good way to manage all your apps on your iOS devices to save battery life.  To "refresh" the app you must close and re-open it.  Follow these steps:

  1. Double-click on your "home" button on your device.  
  2. Find the Compassion Today! app icon.  Depending on your version of iPhone or iPad, you may see an app preview page above the icon.  Otherwise, you will just see the app icon.    
  3. If you see an app preview page, swipe up on it and the app icon will disappear.  If you only see the app icon, press and hold on the app icon. It will start to wobble.  Then, click on the minus (-) symbol and the app icon will disappear.  
  4. Click on the "home" button to go back to your mobile device menu and go to your apps.  You will see the Compassion Today! icon still there (it is still installed, just "closed").
  5. Then, when you click on the app, it will "open" with the "refreshed/updated" version.

The app needs to reboot to get updates.  It is frequent practice and a good idea to "close out" all your apps in this manner when you finish using them to increase your device's battery life.  If you forget to "close out" the app when you finish using it, no problem.  The next time you want to use the app, just "close" and "open" the app as described above.  Either way, you are sure to get the latest version.  

APP UPDATES for ANDROID MOBILE DEVICES: The app updates to Android devices are made automatically when you turn off your device and turn it back on with no need to "refresh" the app. 

APP NOTIFICATIONS: The app sends simple "messages" to users to inspire the practice of daily compassion and to provide key info on events and updates.  The app does this through occasional "push" notifications which will appear on your mobile device, similar to the notifications you get for texts.  The messages serve to bring compassion into your conscious awareness.  Please use these notifications as gentle reminders to make the practice of "3D" compassion part of your daily life.  These are messages worth noting!  However, if you find the app notifications to be problematic, you can disable them via "Settings" on your mobile device, or you can re-install the app and "disallow" push notifications.

QUESTIONS: Please email any questions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Thanks so much! 

Compassion Today! is a portal to "3D" compassion (caring for others, self, and the Earth).  Enter and transform yourself and your world!

The app provides a handy, one-stop access point.  Interface directly from the app to find a world of compassion resources with a few simple clicks.

Compassion Today! is THE mobile app for daily compassion with 1) daily quotes, news, and action tips; 2) the "3 Daily Questions" exercise; 3) functionality to allow sharing via social media/email; and 4) direct links to calendars/events, the Charter for Compassion International, Compassion Games, Compassion Relays, Compassion Mapping, extensive web resources, Internet search, videos, audio/podcast playlists, "100 Questions," Facebook feeds, Twitter feeds, and Google+ links to support, encourage, and inspire you.

Note, post, and share your insights, discoveries, and acts of daily compassion.

"Like," "Share, and "Comment" on social media feed posts directly from the app.  Even do an Internet search via "Google" in the app's "Web Resources."

When you discover "3D" compassion in your world, take a photo with your mobile device and add it to the app's "live" photo album to share with others.

Join a mailing list to receive more information.

New features may be added, including a survey/research tool option.  Stay tuned!

Practice each day to become a champion of compassion!  Be the change.  Bring compassion to life in 3 dimensions:  caring for others, caring for self, and caring for the Earth!

App Designer-Creator-Owner:


Lesa R. Walker, MD, MPH 
Education Program Associate- Charter for Compassion Intl; Leadership Team  Member-  Compassion Games Intl.
Email contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Also, submit questions, comments, input via the app's "Contact"  function.

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