Mountain Retreat and Learning Center, Highlands, North Carolina, USA

The first Compassion Tree was planted in Highlands, North Carolina, USA by one of our Charter Partners, The Mountain Retreat & Learning Center.



First Tree 1

First Tree 2

First Tree 3

Maggie, Ben, Nokos-Afvoke, and Luna
(in back) - adding wood chips
after the tree was planted.

Tvftolopv, Maggie and Ben
planting tiger lilies to keep the deer
away from the apple tree

Luna, Maggie and Ben

First Tree 4

First Tree 5


Nokos-Afvoke, Isaac,
Taryn and Hemokke
planting lilies  

This was a bit heavy for Isaac
- so Hemokke came to help out
- teamwork!

When the youth were prompted
to name the tree, one of the girls
named him, Darrell!

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