Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico

ARBOL DE LA COMPASIÓN – COMPASSION TREE PROJECT– MONTERREY 2019 - In the State of Nuevo León, of which Monterrey is the capital city, 32,000 trees were planted in 2019 in the name of Compassion under our project named: “Sembrando Compasión por tí y por el planeta” (Planting compassion for you and for the planet).

This project took place between May and October and it was carried out by bringing together the Compassionate Cities, the main reforestation groups, NGO’s, business, interreligious council and government initiatives in order to join efforts to achieve the highest number of trees planted by organizing plantations, donating trees, participating with volunteers to help plant the trees, some activist groups and local governments also helped out with gloves, trowels, trash bags and other materials required.

A space was donated in “Fundidora” our main park, now called the Plaza de la Compasión, where the Compassion Tree of Monterrey was named and planted. This initiative triggered more trees to be planted in various other localities, private enterprises and schools.

Hopefully this initiative will not end here, and that this challenge will continue to inspire cities around the globe to plant and reforest the world. 

Monterrey Project

Compassionate cities of Apodaca, Escobedo, Guadalupe, Monterrey, Santa Catarina and San Pedro participated along with business, NGO’s, reforestation groups: ARZYZ, CEMEX, Comité Ecológico Interescolar, DIF Nuevo Léon, EcoRescate México, EZER ABP, FEMSA, Interfaith Council of Nuevo León, Madrinas de San Pedro, MARCATEL, ORCOTEC, PLANIGRUPO, Reforestación Extrema, Reforesta tu Bosque, Salvemos el Planeta, SEP Nuevo León, TODAC and Zona 60 Apodaca.

Monterrey CTP 1

Monterrey CTP 2

Monterrey Team


Monterrey CTP 4

 Our initiative was supported by the Interfaith Council of Nuevo León.

Educational authorities promoted plantations in schools.

Plaza de la Compasión” at Fundidora Park, located at the heart of Monterrey city.

Monterrey CTP 5

Monterrey CTP 7

Monterrey CTP 8

Compassionate cities, NGO’s and reforestation groups organized different planting events.

Corporate and University volunteers joined to help planting.

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