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Today we are celebrating the Golden Rule Day and our 24-hour webcast has already touched the lives of tens of thousands of people--hopefully a million as the days go on. The messages have been profound about reminding us how little it takes to be kind to ourselves, others and the Earth.  We want to follow this up with a special webinar with Films for the Planet. On April 9th at 10 am PT we have the extraordinary opportunity to speak with David Korten who is an author, scholar, and visionary proponent of living-earth economies and systems. Join us on April 9th at 10 am PT!

David writes and speaks on global and national issues, serves as president of the Living Economies Forum, is co-founder  of YES! Magazine, and a member of the Club of Rome. His books include the international best seller  When Corporations Rule the World, Change the Story, Change the Future: A Living Economy for a Living Earth, The Great Turning: From Empire to Earth Community.

There is More as We Celebrate Mother Earth: Embark on a New Planetary Adventure!

Don't miss Films for the Planet Earth Documentary Series featuring two FREE films and webcasts during the month of April. We invite you to be stirred and motivated by meaningful conversations around films that envision new planetary systems and ways of thinking and imagining the future.

"FUTURE DREAMING," FREE stream: April 3-30
"A PLASTIC OCEAN," FREE Earth Week Stream: April 20-24

Learn more about the films and how to sign up to see both of these power documentaries.

The intent at Films for the Planet is to help us imagine a higher view of the earth and humanity – a view that brings us into a revitalized understanding of our relationship with nature and the living universe.

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