It' nothing, but it's everything

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A taxi driver picked up an elderly lady in the middle of the night. He loaded her baggage and held her hand as she limped into the taxi. "Why are you so kind?" she asked. He replied, "It's nothing; I just try to treat my passengers as I'd want my mother to be treated." The lady was alone, sick, and going to a hospice to spend her last days; but she had great memories of where she used to live with her husband and where she used to work. The driver offered to take her by these places on the way to the hospice, which made her very happy. As they arrived at the hospice, the lady tried to pay; but the driver said, "No charge - it was my pleasure." The driver always remembered that day, which was a high point of his life.

Some of you reading this story may have encountered it before.  Every time I hear it, I am reminded of the good works being done by our compassionate city teams throughout the world, and of our individual members:
  • over a million meals packaged by Compassionate Dallas-Ft. Worth,
  • thousands of children who are taught alternatives to violence in schools from Karachi to Detroit,
  • interfaith dialogue promoted through dozens of our cities
  • compassion programs offered in cities throughout our network from St. Augustine, FL to the prison system in the Mexican state of Nuevo Leon
  • millions (yes, millions) of hours of kindness donated by Compassionate St. Louis and through the Compassion Games
The list is impressive and long--all because each of you who are reading this message have given your hearts to putting compassion into action. As 2017 ends, and we look to a new year, we want to extend our thanks and grateful to each of you.

May the lights of Diwali and Hanukkah remain bright, the charity of Eid and the spirit of Christmas peace guide our path in 2018.

With much appreciation,


Marilyn Turkovich, Director
Charter for Compassion

You are the Charter for Compassion and your
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